School Of Life Advice Day 24 New Hobby – Make Fun Of Your Dear Wife

The Question:

My wife clips coupons, lots of them. There are so many that they take up every inch of space on our refrigerator, fill up several “junk” drawers in our house and fill up her purse and every nook of our family car. She snips them out of magazines. She sends away through the mail, but then loses track of them and they expire. It’s become a big joke at the local grocery store. I’m frankly embarrassed to be with her when she sorts through them, as are the kids. It never really saves money as she spends so much time collecting them, we lose time with her! How do we get her to understand what she’s losing while she’s trying to save a few pennies?— CLIP HER HABIT

My Answer:
Since your complaint is ONLY coupons, give her a break and get her a coupon sorter for this innocent little hobby. Coupon sorters work by expiry date and clutter neither the frig door nor the drawers, plus being easy to use at check-out. I suspect you’ve egged the kids on to see your wife, their mother, as out of touch and somewhat useless. This doesn’t make you look like a prize, buddy boy. Your real problem is the belittling attitude you’ve taken towards your life partner, the one you swore to love. She sounds downright lovable to me. Step up to the plate, mate!
Unkindness is the worm in the apple of marriage. If not checked, it spreads to the whole bag. The writer has so many spoiled apples in his he could open a fruit stand outside any bad performance and make money. Some of these you wish you could meet in person. If his problem is ‘coupons,’ I am the Queen of the May!

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