School Of Life Advice Day 31 Moving Up From Mistress To Mate (Or Not)

The Question (Is it the FINAL question?)

I’ve been dating a man who is separated from his wife, and I’ve fallen hard for him. We are very compatible sexually. He says he needs some time to live alone since his breakup, but sees a future in which we’ll be committed to each other. I don’t want to cut him off as I am very much in love and not having sex was one of the reasons he sought me out and left his marriage. But I’m not sure how I will know he has moved on from calling me his mistress to call me his mate. — GAME FOR MATING

My Answer:
Finding another home for a heel is a harder giveaway than a pregnant cat. Congratulate his wife. He’s given you a clue, honey, and the word is ‘never.’ Yes, some men DO marry ‘the other woman,’ giving her a chance to see how magnamimous she can be as he finds yet another and another replacement in a life filled with a long sad list of ‘others.’ Country-Western music is all over this like Freud and Vienna. (Does the name, ‘Hank Williams’ sound familiar? He has a little ditty about a cheatin’ heart). Why don’t you feel worthy of a man of your own rather than accepting badly-worn goods? Give him back immediately, (like they taught you in kindegarten when you took a toy that wasn’t yours), say you’re sorry, then change your address and scrub off all those he-germs through some long, long sessions with someone who has a diploma on the wall and knows how to listen.

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