School of Life Advice Day Last – Preface To The Vote

Their Farewell

We would like to thank all of the participants in the search for a national advice columnist. You have made us laugh, cry and nod in agreement more times than we can remember over the past month, and it’s been incredible to see how much collective wisdom our country possesses. The judges are now determining the finalists, who will respond to a further five questions. Please come back here on Tuesday, May 11, to see what they have to say – and get a chance to vote on who will be Canada’s national advice columnist. Thank you again! -The Editors

My response: (Typoed, as ever)
I was pulled in by these thirty-one glorious questions detailing human nature in all its peculiarities from so many aspects, (as the list on the right-hand side indicated). Each was well-thought out, felt genuine (even though we were told they were not from actual supplicants), and great to wake up to on a cold spring morning. This year I put my answers on a blog so that I could discuss why I responded the way I did and go on longer than it was possible to do on the website itself. Doing this, I received comments from the general public that made me rethink my position in some cases. It was useful to take the discussion away from the Sun Media answer forum and eyeball what I’d said more objectively in the light of day. Of course, by then it was too late to go back and attack the typos or add the wisdom that second thought gave too late. I DO hope the competition continues, spring to spring. Answering the Sun Media question of the day is the best writing exercise I have found in a long time. No matter how full of despair you might feel, human nature is always there to amuse and instruct you. I know I enjoyed the Answer Experience more this year than last. For such a great ride, how can I be anything but grateful?

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