Seventh Commandment by Barb McIntyre

On the cover, an obviously male hand is slipping a ring on the finger of his bride. There are three quotes on marriage and faithfulness right inside the cover, ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Jacqueline Kennedy who didn’t think any men were faithful to their wives.
But the points of view in these fast moving 215 readable pages are not cynical nor headline material but rather the views of a neighbor or an old friend, reminiscing. McIntyre is astute about the nuances in relationships, the troubles, the temptations. Her ‘been there, done that,’ tone is only to lead the reader down the garden path. Which of her couples will succumb? Always non-judgmental and fair-minded, those who love the real-life individuals who always people her pages will not be disappointed this time.
There’s someone to identify with for every background, style and age. Common names like Mark, Margaret, Allen and Alice who could be your inlaws or the neighbours down the street. Family histories. Adultery in their genes, perhaps? The all too common occurrence of the other woman at the funeral, sobbing in the washroom.
It’s in the little details that McIntyre reminds you that she’s in there, swinging. Hot tubs, pool playing, a leg in a cast or a woman slicing an apple while she unburdens her heart, a familiar man and an unfamiliar woman leaving a down at the heels motel. MacIntyre knows her business and that business is giving the reader a good time while she takes on some of life’s more purple passions and what makes them tick.
Is he faithful? Is she fooling around? After 9 e-books, McIntyre knows. Here’s the book to take to bed.
A cover photo should be posted here soon.

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