Song for Anti-Privatizing

Woke up yesterday to read about cutbacks for Daycare and seniors The folks they figure who won’t speak up. We’ve GOT to let them know they can’t do this stuff.Let’s keep the whole world from becoming just one vast corporation, eh? Or at least postpone it awhile.
Below is a song to a familiar tuen – the OTHER song from Singing In The Rain – Remember, ‘All I Do The Whole Night Through Is Dream Of You!? Debbie Reynolds and her troop of showgirls dressed up as 1920’s flappers doing the black bottom. If you don’t remember it – rent it and sing this:

Tune: All I Do The Whole Night Through
All they do the whole day through is privatize
Hospitals, schools, hydro too – privatize
Public trust, used to mean
We the people ran the scene
Now public’s gone private
All across this lannnnd
The boys who make the big bucks need
Always more dough
They say that privates, ‘so naive’
and ‘wasteful, you know’
They’ll help us out, taking over
Anything to land in clover
All they need to do the deed
Is SILENCE from us!

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