Just finished ‘Jane Bites Back’ by Michael Thomas Ford. Jane Austen is now a vampire who owns a bookshop in a smallish town, where she sells copies of her books, bemoaning the loss of royalties and tries to get a new book published.
Meanwhile she is harrassed by Lord Byron who is the vampire who made her undead and then kidnapped by Charlotte Bronte who is definitely out of her head.
It’s the start of a series. The characters are well researched and quoting their own work. Excerpts from Jane’s new book head every chapter. It would be possible to get a perspective on all these great writers without stirring beyond the cover.
I’m growing so used to vampires now that I am moderately surprised when one doesn’t turn up in the surprisingly popular world of Katy Fford where everything turns out peachy, nobody has any ulterior motives and everything is just what it looks like and always ready to pitch in for the common cause. Sappy but her plots have the cliffhangers and her house & grounds description are better than tv. Now if she just had vampires.
In many ways, vampires were just what romantic suspense needed to give it a kick in the behind. My favorite in the paranormal sweepstakes is still the woman who turned her blind date into a cat who then boots up her computer and with his clumsy paws, asks her to call his boss and say he’ll be sick for awhile, while they try to find the right words to turn him back (which happens only graduatlly). Meanwhile there’s her fat, bored cat who suddenly discovers their new roomie…
There’s still more gratuitous sex than I need in a book but the whole thing works great, particularly her sanctimonious neighbour who keeps breaking in to try and get the new cat neutered…
This writer, whose name I still can’t remember, had only two paranorms to her credit. The rest of her stuff is the icky gooey cotton candy romance staples that give the genre such a bad name.
Trying to find a good book. Here I am, how many months later since I requested titles on this blog and STILL I’m looking. And I’ve got to take Jane back to the library.

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  1. See, I AM reading your stuff.

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