Op Ed Newspaper piece
If you have a message you wish you could send out to your entire city not just your small community, the local newspaper is just the ticket if you word things right. Most always it is pleased to help if your shtick is not simply self-serving. Your words will reach all over the place with no cost to you.
I wrote just such a place last Good Friday, about a panhandler and the way much of our downtown is having the troubles that downtowns do these days. I not only got half a page but my picture as well. Whether or not that was a bonus, I don’t know.
I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining about the paper; its thinness, connection to a right wing chain of newspapers and even a group set up to encourage people not to subscribe. Nobody seems to see that papers are battling to stay alive these days and such moves might just kill it dead. Then what?
I’m not keen on the online read, demanding special computer glasses and glazing my eyes over long before the print would’ve done. There really still is a place for the hard copy version.
panhandlers 005
Not having ANY local paper is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. Maybe get a shopping newspaper which will REALLY give you cause for complaint.
It’s hard when you remember a thick paper, replete with local issues, maybe even literary supplements and active letter pages only to see it dwindle down to a single 4 page section, if that. But entropy is the nature of the universe. Things change. Or, as Thoreau says, “Things don’t change – we change.” I believe in newspapers with all my heart and in making them BETTER by contribution and encouragement. Anything else is just daft!

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