TRY OUT AT POOL – New Outfit

art outfit 004
Whenever I’m dubious about a new outfit, I wear it to the pool first thing in the morning. Everyone comments about whatever you have on, all the way down to your underwear, no holds barred.
This was a combo blouse and jacket in rayon, an art retrospective including brush strokes with a hat on which I had glued a neon scarf.
art outfit 005
Here’s the whole outfit, complete with yellow rubber shoes. Fortunately the skirt had pockets. Got a lot of approval from the early swim artists who trotted over to feel the material. Some excellent painters and potters in the mix so the critique works in real life. Decided I could wear this to the music festival and in public on select occasions. Always fun when people are half asleep.

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  1. Thanks. If you follow along from day to day things will become clearer. Glad you read me.

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