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Oct 27 (To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (short glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State)

It is the fact that time and existence – each a distinct condition but absolutely inseparable from the other – both occur from nothing, that creates a STATE of the world of existence at that moment. But even this consideration is not truly the precise way to put it. To suggest a ‘state of the world of existence (W), ‘is to imply that there is an ongoing existence, a world that always is, but which, at distinct successive intervals occupies or presents a discrete condition that somehow clarifies itself from what it was previous to this moment. In such a wise, does our language deceive us. Prior to the moment (time, N) of existence, being, is-ness, there is NOTHING, void. No ‘is,’ no place, no time. The TIME which ‘happens,’ happen as existence; and along with ‘now,’ there is ‘WHERE-NESS,’ or the potential of something like say, perhaps a cosmos or two taking a position complete with its own plenum of ‘is.’

A thickening combinations of particles: an infinitude of unbroken BEING in such a case, ‘place’ would represent RELATIONSHIP OF POSITION. But the point is, prior to time (N), there is NOTHING, ABSOLUTE VOID. There is noting that can make itself into something. Exnihlo nihil fit. No world to BRING ITSELF into being.

So, therefore, since existence does happen in the moment of time, there must be some superexistence beyond the law of the logos out of which existence and its time is created: some agency in which some immense power that is not supported by nature can, and apparently does being the LOGOS of what we know as ‘nature,’ into effect – N after (thankfully), N. Therefore each expression of N (+W) is a NEW – not A PRE-EXISTING world.

So if the universe or all of existence is presented at N – and ONLY at N – each presentation being the creation of a new world, a NEW existence, it must be the way it is as an EFFECT of some CAUSE. At least this is habitually how we would assume it to be. Cause and effect is a category human C has established throughout the many cultures over hundreds of thousands of years of development. It is related directly to the structure of our brains (some would ‘hardwired’) so much so that any analysis of the category itself is unthinkable to most men and women on the street. Cause and effect is what is believed to be exactly what makes nature run, the engine of physical reality.

But as this investigation points out, it isn’t so. There is no causal force or action directed WITHIN nature. All cause and effect is given from OUTSIDE nature as change at N of existence OUT of existence giving way to a NEW state of world existence and the new world thus presented is altered from the world having existed before it. The lapse of interval between two worlds as well as the duration of each is virtually infinitely tiny and passes notice by our consciousnesses which, due to cumulative memory of Q and the relative reactional tardiness of our nervous systems, we perceive as motion and force.

Cause and effect is a categorical corollary of the logos category of change. Its empirical vigour misleads us. It is a true category of change but a misplaced one when applied to nature acting within nature: a cosmic practical joke played on mankind. But the agency that creates existence AND its template – the logos, does cause as creation, and thus causes everything WITHOUT EXCEPTION IN that creation.

But existence is created in two modes: physicality, which is an elastic plenum and consciousness which appears to be scattered through physicality and in some locales, is associated with it in a manner which it itself cannot entirely discern.

Oct 29

Consciousness is necessarily intentional and retentional. In its smallest elements, Q at N, it must have a cumulative memory. This memory builds over significant N until the understanding can make selective categorical judgments. This activity of judgment and forming categories as well as recognizing attributes and assigning them to categories – an algorithmic act depending on the INTENTIONAL act of recognizing and making judgment.

The act of assigning perceptia to categories is algorithmic only insofar as it refers to a bi-valued system with recognition of attributes and categories. Such activity of course is mechanical and is common to the course of moment-to-moment living. Intentionality at this level is minimal unless an intensification of emotion is involved. There is some argument to be made, that the algorithms of attribute recognition and category selection might suggest that consciousness might be mechanical and programmable after all. Perhaps, at a primitive level this is exactly what happens, thus leading to the assertion that understanding at a more complex level differs from simple computation only in degree, not kind: the belief behind proponents of artificial intelligence engineering.

Emotion may be the joker in the deck. It can’t be denied that emotion can and does affect intention. Intention itself is the engine that drives the algorithm side of judgment – making an understanding and of course emotion, is greatly induced and shaped by bodily interplay of hormones and genetic expression with the nervous system – ultimately influences that could be duplicated by engineering. All mechanical systems are governed if mind and body, taken together, are a mechanical system. What then is the governing principle? What makes it what it is?

If the answer is, ‘nature,’ then the true governing principle, as argued earlier, is the agent that creates N(+W) – Time, existence, the universe, body and mind. Determinism is absolute.

Oct 30

The above is because all existence is GIVEN at N in states of its being. Therefore, nature can NEVER be the principles that governs W including the interaction between the mind and the body, mechanical or otherwise. But all the effects of C that appear to be bodily-related are still determined as is everything in existence by the agent of N (+W).

The difficulty arises out of the modal difference between the body/mind and consciousness, the former being physical- that is, extended – and INERT at N; the latter being, for want of a better description, ‘non-physical,’ and ACTIVE at N when it is existing. Even if what is physical were NOT essentially inert, how could it manage to affect a cause on something that is NOT physical? To suggest epiphenomenalism is to ignore the fact that if the physical antecedent were NOT present, the anticipated epiphenomenon would never occur. What SEEMS apparent is that there is an intercausal association between mind and body.

But it is equally puzzling how mind, a non-physical substance , can cause anything in the physical mode The reductionists simply deny consciousness except as being a purely physical event, like a synapse. But things like synapses or other physical events don’t affirm or reject propositions. They simply spark or osmote or change chemistries; bounce around in mindless molecular mirth.

Oct 31

In order to respond seriously to the problem of how one should conduct his life in this competitive, worrisome, often appalling existence one finds oneself in. The question of free will or determinism will have to be addressed. We behave constantly as though we thoroughly believe our will is free in thought and in deed. We believe control of our own bodies is ultimately ours, even though science assures us that mood and emotion which influence our thinking and emotion which influence our thinking. Even in the case of psychosis, chemical alternations – all seem to argue that our nervous system, even our brain is more subject to bodily conditions than we are aware of.

I have suggested the solution to the problem may depend upon where one commences one’s thinking about it, if the PHYSICALITY of self is taken as the first premise, one will arrive at a different answer than if one began with the discovery of one’s self as existing. Between the two modes of existence, consciousness and physicality there are two shared attributes: existence itself and location in place. However, in the case of C, that location is NOT EXTENSION IN SPACE. It is a co-ordinate in PLACE, a point relative to any other possible existing points.

Extended physical objects are an accretion or lumping of the elastic plenum of physicality. C, not physical being occupies a co-ordinate at N that shares with physical co-ordinates of a particular physical body but these coordinates can change at N from previous N. PLACE itself provides a background that differs from place in previous N ONLY in that each place is a NEW place with the creation of a NEW existence (W). Thus a physical body and its brain and nervous system, can share a set of co-ordinates in place but only the body is extended.

Extension is one of the TWO ESSENTIAL DEFINING ATTRIBUTES of physical existence and the absence of any motion at N. C, on the other hand, is ACTIVE at N. Awareness or consciousness is a ‘happening,’ at N when existence is GIVEN or created; a form of action that is NOT physical but comes as a burst in the co-ordinates of place where the brain is presented. This burst of awareness or Q is probably best understood as first an awakening of knowledge of the logos.

Secondly, apprehension of raw perceptia in an association with the physical configuration of the brain supported by the nervous system in which both the knowledge of the logos and a memory of previous perceptia and conceptia are, in a sense, recorded in that brain state at N and can be recalled in the action of Q at N. A is not complete understanding. It requires hundreds, perhaps thousands of Q at N for a glimmer of mature C to be awakened but because memory particles are recorded, in the geometry (not motion) of the brain, consciousness can be built as a process.

Recollection or memory is a primitive act of WILL by Q. In such an act, Q would have to (again, in a sense), actually RE-LIVE at N the configuration of the brain during its existing state at N when it was first recorded. Q has to , in its brief burst of awareness, INTEND to bring up the process through subsequent Q of RE-LIVING that former brain state. this represents the foundation of will. It is admittedly a speculative sketch of how C performs through given world states, but it appears to be the likeliest blueprint of how the brain can receive consciousness and store memory.

Both body and mind are CREATED at N but only the body is inert; the mind is an ACTION, that is, an occurrence rather than a physical motion. Perceptia depend on the given condition of the nervous system at N. Recorded memory depends on the condition of the brain, but the ACT OF RECALL depends on Q’s recognition of the logos: awareness. this act must be willed as a summoning up and RE-LIVING experience of a brain state. There is a set of transformation equations here that code knowledge into the geometry of the brain and later decode a renewed experience of this geometry back into knowledge.

Much depends on the healthy brain in order to achieve an accurate recall.

Nov 1

The body and its brain is given or created at N along with all of existence. The world, (IT MUST BE STRESSED AGAIN), that a natural condition obtains. That is nothing. I don’t mean that is the negation of being. Certainly the negation of being annihilates being, both as a state AND as a thought. But the definition of nothing as the ‘negation of some thing,’ would establish a conceptual primacy to some thing. In the condition of absolute nothing, there is no THING – object, matter or concept of matter, to be negated. There is NOT nothing because there is no state that can be referred to. Absolute nothing is not a class that has no members. It is the void of ‘is.’

This void is the truth of nature. Suddenly it is not ALONE the truth. Suddenly there IS. At an instant, there is the instant: time. N. It is: being, existence. In that instant, there is everywhere: place for things, stuff, classes of stuff. Then suddenly, it IS NOT. ‘Is’ is gone, changed to IS NOT. But void persists. Void is true nature.

The logos is not a gimmick. It is the beginning description of existence. All that can be said of existence refers back to the logos. At N, void is replaced for an instant and endures only for an instant. But for that instant, it DOES endure for that instant. True nature is replaced with: Time, Existence, Place and the ACT of being or Change. This is to say that void is natural. Void persists except at the moment of time there is some THING that CHANGES nature. It is something new and infinitely different. It is something that nothing, void, could never achieve.

Existence – a world of stuff and perhaps not-stuff but a place where the possibility of stuff could be. Void creates nothing. There was nothing that could create itself or exist BEFORE it existed to create itself. Only void; and void persists. But if void cannot bring what is not into being. If being that is not cannot being itself into being, then some thing other than void or being must have brought being into what was nothing. THE cause, the ONLY cause, that which ALONE can make what is. We can discern nothing of what this cause is, other than it has this unimaginable ability to replace what persists naturally – void.

So what appears as existing – the world and the stuff that exists in the world, appears for the instant of time as motionless because motion is change and change requires that what is, including time must vanish before it can be replaced by another world that is NOT the same world, but is different. Cause does this. Nothing in the effect – the world and its contents – is cause: it only happens at N and is gone. So what causes consciousness and conscious will?

The obvious answer is CAUSE – the ONLY cause of all that happens at N. Consciousness is a member of existence as is stuff. Consciousness is not stuff. It is another mode of existence that has no physical attributes, particularly extension, which is the defining attribute of stuff. Previously I have argued consciousness differed also from stuff in that unlike stuff, it was not inert at N but ‘happened’ as an activity through the duration of N.

But on further reflection, I must confess (a little sadly), this cannot be so. Because activity implies change and change occurs over tie. Time is NECESSARY for change. But N is the moment of creation and is annihilated almost instantly in order that a new state expressing change from that state of former existence, can be created out of void. N is therefore, the smallest possible unit of time. There can be no division of N. Therefore, SINCE C CANNOT CHANGE AT N, IT TOO MUST BE PRESENT AT N AS A STATE THAT IS MOTIONLESS. Q, the smallest unit of C- remains wholly the creation of cause – demiourgos (D).

Thus we are left with the disconcerting conclusion that all our thoughts, emotions, intentions must be directly determined.

Nov 4

C ‘occupies’ in a non-physical sense, that is, it has a locale, which we understand to be a body. When this occupation of a body endures over years of N – when it is followed by a ‘history,’ that bodily occupation by C is said to be a living person. Other C can only detract by perceptia categorized into conceptia, person. That is, a person IS essentially a CONCEPT held by other C of a C and its history. The history of a C is composed of that C’s memory and an INTERPRETATION of her artifact; house and furnishings, city, etc; as well as her INTERPRETATION of relationships with other conceptia understood by her to be children, parents and siblings, friends, etc.

Memory is necessary for understanding in terms of retaining a CONCEPT of primary experience in order to classify its elements into the categorical related in an interrelated and mutually supported structure. Recognition of the logos is required for consciousness. Included in that recognition is ‘place’ – the separateness of the aware-ing from the object of the act. Initially, this ‘object’ is not perceptia but the POSSIBILITY of perception and conception or ‘place.’ Subject and object imply each other and this condition of two-way implication BECOMES THE ACT OF AWARENESS, when the aware-ing includes being (as in ‘existing’), aware of this ACT, the agent is aware of the act’s polarity and a SELF is recognized.

This would appear to constitute a primary condition prior to the presentation of perceptia, a NECESSARY condition.

Here there is a small diagram, headed ‘PLACE.’ On the left hand side is a box in which is written: Awareness – Recognition of logos. And arrow points from it to a box on the right with Possible Object. Below the first box on the left is a second box with, ‘self as subject.’ an arrow points right to Self As Object and back to the box again as well as upward to the second box above it. There is a third box on the left, below the first and second boxes. This box is labeled perceptia. An arrow points from Self as Subject down to this last box.

Nov 5

Earlier I suggested that Q had to be consciousness carrying memory with it as a form of activity through the duration of N. BUT ANY ACTION IMPLIES CHANGE AND ANY CHANGE REQUIRES A CHANGE IN TIME. But N, AS THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE UNIT OF TIME CANNOT BE DIVIDED.

Therefore: Q cannot be an action at N and must be a state.

So since Q is given to a body/brain at N, it perhaps is best to conceive of it as part of the pattern or geometric condition of the brain at N. This is consistent with the principle that all action is state -change expressed between the smallest intervals of time, N. So this would appear to reduce the likelihood of person existing after death of the body, because being a ‘person’ is, in effect, being a consciousness of logos that has expanded through the metacategory of PLACE to the division of consciousness and consciousness ‘of,’ which is, in its primary form, consciousness of JUST THAT ACT – or, in other words, consciousness being conscious of itself being conscious – what Sartre referred to as the ‘TRANSCENDENT EGO.’

c in everyday activity doesn’t have to be sharply in focus. It is the PRIMARY consciousness and forms the framework of being aware of one’s being with a self that is the memory of one’s being in the past, which is basically one’s ongoing conceptium or categorical structure of past world states as interpreted by the consciousness. Memory is essential to such a categorical structuring of one’s personal history and the brain’s geometry (because it is an inert state), hold this memory as a kind of code. But it isn’t the physical code doing the recalling and conceptualization of self. It is the ACTIVITY OF Q OVER SUCCESSIVE N.

Q is the primary act of logos in W.

When Q is given as a conscious state, it is the LOGOS that is recognized, thus beginning an awakening of perception and conception which is coded in each brain state at N. So Q could be seen as a ‘switch’ or awakening of the state of the brain’s ongoing change of states over N. The brain as physicalim is part of the plenum of existence and is part of the changes of existence over N. These changes in existence, state by state are interpreted by C according to the local state that is its brain. This ongoing interpretation is essentially interpretations of THE BRAIN STATE TRANSLATED FROM PHYSICALIA INTO INFORMATION.

Information in order to be information must be INTERPRETED. This is what C does. C depends on the brain for recall of past experiences and for all of its conceptia. Taken together these two constitute memory, which is necessary for an ongoing understanding with its capacity to make and evaluate judgments. NOW – if everything in existence is given as an inert state at N, then c too must be inert at N. But awareness is an ongoing process that is by its ON GOING-NES CANNOT be inert. Interpreting what state the brain is at N as coded information is a WILLED OR INTENTIONAL ACT.

this intentionality must be at the core of C’s ongoing recognition of the logos at N as BEING IN TIME and recognition of self through PLACE = self –>not. self or subject and object. This is an activity, not a state at N and SHARPLY DEFINE THE MUTABILITY OF C AS OPPOSED TO THE INEERTIA OF PHYSICALITY. Q has to be free to summon the memory or conceptia of recent experience in order to integrate the present. THIS MEMORY IS PRESENTED AS A GEOMETRIC CODE AT N: IT COULD NOT BE ANY OTHER WAY because the brain is INERT at N. The intentionality given to Q through recognition of the logos MUST BE FREE IN ORDER to judge and interpret information.

The argument that Q as mutable divides N doesn’t hold with elementary C because the activity of Q takes place WITHIN the duration of N and becomes a part of the COMPOSITION of N. Change in the PHYSICALITY of W is STILL change of the existing state with the change of N.

Nov 6

The duration of Q is the duration of N, is also the duration of any physical state such as the brain. So Q is not mutable WITHIN N, but as an ACT neither is it INERT as states are. Q = Logos in matter. So the function of the brain is to present a geometric pattern at N which is represented to Q as 1) Perceptia prior to categorization 2) Memory of conceptia – either that of the understanding or received social categories.

The function of Q is to a) Analyze and categorize perceptia, b) Summon information from brain states. Both of these types of acts are INTENTIONAL (willed). It is not clear however whether this intentionality resides in Q or in D.

Nov 7

The question of Q as ‘ACTIVITY’ over the duration of N is clarified if it is understood that this activity is not MOTION. Motion is a result of physical CHANGE of state at N. The activity of Q at N is not change of physical state because Q is NOT physical. Q is active as ‘HAPPENING.’ It is actually THE QUICKENING OF THE BEING or the representation of the logos in the world of physical existence. It is ‘life,’ – what extracts knowledge from the code of physicalia that is the brain – that part of the ‘thickening’ of physical existence that forms the living body.

Q as presentation of logos in matter.

Then there is a diagram with a large D in a starburst, arrows pointing down on both left and right. On the top left it points to Q in a box. an arrow goes down from this to a circle that contains: ‘recognition of logos (existence & time). Downwards from this circle an arrow goes to a circle reading: ‘understanding’ of PLACE as self, ‘understanding’ of object.’ An arrow goes down to a third circle that reads: ‘judgment into primitive ‘kind’ categories and a final arrow to one reading, ‘Increasing complexity of categories into conceptia. Formation of social world & categorical hierarchy.”

On the top right a box says, “physical W “thickens,” (particulizes). An arrow goes down from this to a circle with ‘body’ in it. From this circle another arrow goes to the words: BRAIN & NERVOUS SYSTEM (Geometric state at N as ‘coded’ information). Below this a circle reads: (a) perceptia (‘self’ of matter and a second reads (b) memory of conceptia. An arrow from the next to last circle on the left goes up to the perceptia circle and down to the conceptia while the final circle on the left has an arrow going just to the conceptia circle.

C is not uniform. Most C is pretty minimal. A deworm senses through its skin, the heavy vibrations in the earth of approaching footsteps and slurps back into its hole in a hurry. No hint of hanging out to see what’s coming. No curiosity. The saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Probably curiosity got the generality of cats more mice than immediate demise. The dew worm’s conscious, the cat’s conscious, but the consciousness is not uniform. Most cats, unless they are feral, could use a little love; some, a whole lot. Dew worms don’t seem to give a rat’s patootie for any amount of love.

Probably most dew worms with very few exceptions could be considered feral. Nobody ever took a survey. Hundreds of thousand years. Today’s thinking has it that it evolved that way in virtue of picking its way through a very rough environment. Evolution is a very satisfying theory explanation-wise. But the point of fact that throughout its entire journey C, in its multitudes, has been completely determined as has everything else.

More to follow of this investigation of existence

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