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Nov 19 (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past)

Given that our will is free to make a decision to act, but not to PERFORM, the willed act, we have to conclude that since the desired act, despite this constraint, does manage to come about and the motivation of all physical change is N(+W) and the agent of world state-change, then there must be some direct link between the intentionality of consciousness and physical being. This should not be surprising since conscious understanding must depend on the brain for at least perception and memory.

This intentionality can be seen as another translation of information in the REVERSE direction from Q to brain-state.

(Here there is another small diagram which shall be reproduced shortly)

But since all physicality is motionless at N, since receiving information is as much an act as sending it (because reception of a communication is not passive but involves intentionality as much as sending it), then, moreover, no physical state of existence at N is able to either change within itself a principles of duration – nor can it affect change in any other existing state.

Then there is the:

The moment N is not infinitely reducible in order for there to be existence W at N, there must be a lapse of time for W to endure. This reduction of temporal duration to a final condition for all states of existence, is consistent and does not vary in quantity. Thus there can be no change WITHIN a state of existence at N.


Only N(+W) appears as change in a former state and therefore consciousness through Q cannot cause bodily action. But neither can the body directly affect C – except as representing perceptual and emotional and memory information, all presented at N. Q, however, receives the information and this would have to be an act of transmission as well as an act of reception. Since the brain is inert at N, the act of informationm transfoer via brain-state must be attributed to the intentionality of D, the agent of N(+W).

Setting emotion aside, Q is the elementary aspect of consciousness and its intentionality is expressible in 3 freedoms:
1) To receive information from the body
2) To judge information and form conceptia through the hierarchy of categories
3) To WILL bodily change over a temporal process attained to as C

This last freedom, #3, is, of course, the celebrated, ‘freedom of the will,’ but as shown earlier, it goes no further than an act of CONSCIOUSNESS but not of BODY, (however counterintuitive that might seem). All physical acts are changes of state at N.

So now a strange loop appears. Crudely sketched, it looks like this:

D—–>Physical World (An arrow from this last goes down to BODY (Brain). An arrow from D goes down to logos then down to C.
C (accumulation of Q
categorical hierarchy<--------- Perception, Memory, Emotion & Conceptia (What's STRANGE here is - Do we have C having the temerity here to instruct D to alter body states?) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, there is the serious question of EMOTION including mood. Is it proper to refer to it as merely INFORMATION? Emotion really isn't a member of the same category of 'thing,' as information. Nov 20 The important thing to keep in mind is that at N, the world of OBJECT on the RIGHT side of the bifurcation line, is inert. Static. The left side of the bifurcation line is SELF, the knower of existence through: 1) Recognition of the logos 2) The ONLY action in existence at N other than N(+W) is Q, the smallest fragment of consciousness (and self). Active/Passive ----------- The bifurcation of consciousness - 'self' vs world,' puts the physical world (perceptia), the social world (conceptia) and the body, including genetic structure, hormonal system and brain and nervous system on the PASSIVE side of the line of bifurcation as the OBJECT(S) of consciousness. This is because at N, the world of stuff including the body/brain and other MINDS including communications of others as speech, print and electronic devices, must be interpreted as categorical conceptia by the understanding. The understanding results from recognition of logos + the action of Q's INTENTIONALITY in grasping the object as INFORMATION. This includes communication of others, recognized by the understanding as intentional AFTER being judged and interpreted categorically as information. Such interpretation results in the SOCIAL WORLD - an established system of conceptia, that provides categorical reference to the world as KNOWN by consciousness collectively as CULTURE AND HISTORY. Consciousness is given at N along with the world of physical existence. It originates in BOTH cases as the LOGOS, the four necessary categories of existence: Being, Time, Place & Change. Consciousness becomes such as an ACT, 'Q,' that is not physical motion in place but a RE-COGNITION of the logos. Q is the ONLY ACTIVITY at N - the physical world is inert at N. Therefore, perceiving and interpreting information, is an ACT of Q reaching beyond the self to TRANSLATE PHYSICALIA INTO EXPERIENCE. This includes the brain state at N. This is not to make the claim that Q can employ its interpretive intentionality to make a decision whether it can experience the sensory configuration of the brain at N or not. Obviously it normally cannot. First of all, Q has no power in itself to choose or interpret. Q is the primary and most rudimentary form of consciousness. Choice involves an act of consciousness that represents a significant accumulation of Q over a series of N. To a very great degree, Q is a prisoner of the body's sensory as well as emotional apparatus. ONLY the agent of N(+W) AND consciousness are the ACTIVE components of existence. The history of consciousness is dominated by the belief, both generally cultural and more recently scientific, that it is the body that is active in consciousness through the brain and nervous system, though various other organs and 'humours' were, at time, believed to cause emotion and thought. The existence presented at N is inert throughout its physical properties. The ACTION in existence is ONLY this presentation of time and being and that of being's other mode: consciousness. This leads me to suspect that D and consciousness may possibly SHARE an essential quality - at least essential for created consciousness. Consciousness is active in two parts where it, 1) translates brain states into perceptia, memory and emotion, 2) develops categories and a categorical hierarchy and forms conceptia. Consciousness is given directly through the four categories of the logos. The logos is given in 2 parts: 1) As the 'blueprint' of existence and 2) As the KNOWLEDGE of existence. This belief in the body as cause of consciousness is a sort of subset of the belief in cause and effect being the engine of nature in every theoretical system from physics to evolution to medicine and psychology. It has been with us from the beginnings of thought, when nature was controlled by spirits which were essentially causative agents in man, animals, rocks and trees. I've come to believe this is the fundamental error of not only understanding in mankind, but primitive instinctive consciousness in other living species. It is, you might say, 'natural,' and it likely represents the immediacy to the conscious being of PHYSTICAL being. Time is not continuous, as I have argued earlier. Time is a 'some'thing and that 'no' must include possibility: an absolute 'no' - thing. That 'no' must include possibility: an absolute 'no' - to 'thing,' or 'matter,' or just simply 'stuff,' as it makes up what we call the 'cosmos.' There is no attribute consistently or law in the theoretical body of physics that could explain the absolute NON-thingness out of which THING has emerged. Physics discusses time only in terms of the motion of physical bodies, not as the happening of something where before there was no possibility of Anything happening. There is no answer as to how time and being along with place and the succession of being could ever possibly come about. Not only that, but there is no demonstrable reason as to why the succession of time and existence should occur in such a way as to present the concept of matter and its attributes adhering to discernible consistencies rather than an ongoing explosion of chaos. Nov 22 But conscious IS the GIVEN knowledge of being - and by 'knowledge' I mean it is the EXPERIENCE of the logos. This experience is direct and undeniable because to deny it would be to employ it. Therefore, it is an empirical knowledge that is NECESSARY at the moment when the world IS, consciousness experiences that 'is.' The body is passive. It lies on the side of demarcation of being as that which is KNOWN at N. While C actively perceives, recalls, conceives, feels emotion and wills at N and over an accumulation of N. The body, on the other hand, supports C by BEING the INFORMATION C receives in the act of knowing at N. The body is a configuration of stuff as part of the WHOLE of physical stuff which forms an unbroken plenum at N, differentiated in various relational locales in place (nebulae particles, biological accumulations, etc). Bodies are locales in place that 'grow' over N successions in such a manner that they are presented through the brain and nervous system as part of the plenum of physical existence. The brain 'meets' consciousness at N. Consciousness is focused by the brain into physicalia through perception and memory and mood. It's analogous to the brain as a radio except it passively retains the information which Q as a sort of reversed transmission signal retrieves whatever C experiences of the world beyond its understanding is experienced through the body's brain and nervous system. When the body dies, the physical world is no longer available to consciousness. But C also experiences through the brain that part of the physical world, the 'SOCIAL WORLD.' The social world is composed of other minds initially parents, friends and family, the education system, the entertainment system, including electronic environment, print, sports and so on. It conveys the culture of the civilization: its beliefs, religious and secular mores and legal system, language and history (however mutilated by popular expression). The social world and the body - initially the teaching mechanism that conducts C from innocence to adulthood - does not have the same effect on every C. Much of C's understanding is influenced by such things as brain structure, hormonal imbalance, disease and personal experience in the world. Eventually the social world and the body can become restrictions on the freedom of the understanding, hence the resolution to the question of freewill vs determinism can get seriously muddied. But only C as Q can act at N. Unfortunately there are other C with the freedom to act, however dismal or containing their collective internationalities may become. Nov 24 There is an important mechanical notation to be made here. When I say only D and C are the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES at N when the world briefly is before it isn't. It must be kept in mind that C at this instant is only Q - the embryo of consciousness. Full C IS MANY q BEHIND N (t subset 3, Qtsubset 7 to Qt subset 8). The time lapse t subset 3 is required for C to become fully or even reflexively aware of the world and react to it with any amount of intentionality other than translating inert brain states into information. Thus it takes many N to pass before enough Q has translated enough brain states to will the body to jerk a finger away from the iron handle of a sizzling frying pan. The intentionality of Q is also embryonic and limited, with most of its operation involved in brain state translation and memory action besides awareness consolidation (the gift of the logos). In brief summary: 1) Consciousness is the knowledge of the LOGOS of existence and from it flows the understanding of being and then of the world. 2) Only D first and then through the logos, C, are the ACTIVE principles of existence. 3) The will of understanding is necessarily free or there would be no understanding judgments true or false and category forming. 4) Consciousness is ONLY awareness of the very recent past (t subset 3) - we LIVE in the past. 5) ALL motion including action of living bodies, willed or not, is the result of state change. The ONLY cause of physical change in the world is change of existing states at N. 6) World states are discrete because they only exist at N and emerge entirely whole from absolute nothing, or void and are annihilated instantly. World states and the moment N, they occur in, are not contiguous. Once N happens and W with it, the period of N's duration is immediately over and cannot co-exist with the period of duration of a NEW moment of time, N. There is no change of world state WITHIN N, as this would require a division of N, which cannot happen because the period of N's duration is final but finite. If N could be divided further, time would regress infinitely and disappear. Change requires a NEW state and a NEW moment of time. 7) Time and existence do not pre-exist themselves and therefore cannot be self-creating. The ongoing nature of time and existence are not in themselves necessary. Therefore, some outside agent D must bring time and existence about EACH NEW MOMENT OF N. 8) N is ABSOLUTE. It does not travel from one part of existence to another but is the same moment of existence. The relativity of time refers not to time itself but to the MEASUREMENT of lapsed time in space. I have argued that D must be an INTENTIONAL agent of N(+W). Furthermore this intentionality must be one of progressive order as opposed to utter chaos, the surreal artwork of a mad daemon. But also there is the puzzle of intentionality WITHIN the created existence. It would appear that C can cause its own body to act. But the only action in the world is state-change at N(+w). I'm inclined to believe that there must be some kind of influence (not causal) that exists between C's intentionality and that of D. This is a very strong anthropic principle and it's reinforced by the ability of advanced C past her own locale and around and beyond our planet. A spider web could be considered such a tool, a technology. Various webs argue strongly for the principle of Darwinian evolution but of course, since no state can cause another state, evolution is not strictly possible. However conscious intent seems to have some of influencing state-change. Jumps in intelligent technology seem to occur after varying but usually significant lapses in time. Nov 26 It's not really correct to call it an 'anthropic' principle. For that matter it's not really a principle at all, but what I have previously referred to as an 'occlusion,' of our understanding. It refers not just to human consciousness but to ALL consciousness: the intentionality of C in respect to its own locale (body). I don't believe C can truly CAUSE action of its own body because ALL physical action is state-change at N and ALL state-change. It's a matter of change in ALL THE INFINITY OF BEING is not being merely locale. That is, in order to get an aspirin down from the medicine cabinet, I have to lift my arm, open the cabinet and reach in - a series of state-changes. But every change in any state (because existence must be a plenum and not broken up) - involves the whole of existence. Existence must be a plenum because any limitation to it would have to be not-existence or void - and the boundary between void and existence would immediately consume ALL place and ALL time and ALL being, thus negating the POSSIBILITY of time and existence. Therefore existence at N must remain whole and one piece. Therefore, any change in any PART of existence at N, involves a change in ALL existence at N, ie, a new world state. Therefore, as a corollary, existence at N must be infinite. So it is difficult for me to entertain the notion that C can CAUSE me to get an aspirin down from the medicine cabinet even though it's the kind of thing that seems the most natural in life. What CAUSES the physical activity of manipulating my arm, is not me but something that has the immense power to change the entirety of existence and actually banish the void. More to follow of this exploration of existence

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