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Dec 3 (To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past)

Of the two modes of existence consciousness only is active at the moment when everything, ‘is. Physicality is inert. Consciousness always is dependent on an object. Except in dreams or hallucinations or pure thought, the object is referred to by the ‘educated’ understanding as a member of physical reality. But physical reality is a construct imposed by understandings as a member of physical reality. But physical reality is a construct imposed by understandings that are mentored from birth to judge the chaos of perception into socially determined kinds or forms or categories of ‘things,’ – supposedly members of the class of existence or ‘reality.’ An understanding that fails in this task is deemed defective.

But what about jumping spiders? Jumping spiders are conscious beings that apparently are not taken into hand by other jumping spiders from the moment they are born to recognize what is real and what is not, what is danger and what is food. Their understands sorts their perceptions into the necessary forms right from the rack of the starters pistol. At least, it seems to be that way – it’s hard to tell the world looks like from the multiple eyes of a jumping spider.

Do they enjoy pleasures other than eating? Maybe basking on a peony petal in the warm June sun. Hard to say if they enjoy music like humans, cats and cows do. Dogs and coyotes make their own music, solo or choral renditions. Maybe a warm ray of sunlight translates in a jumping spider’s understanding into something that in a human’s understanding would closely resemble music. But whatever the jumping spider’s understanding is, it doesn’t apparently have to be learned, as human understanding’s construction of the world is.

The human understanding learns the world, judges perceptia and forms conceptia according to its learning, much of which must have been established before the earliest members of the species first migrated from their geographical home – probably the great rift valley of Africa. So probably the jumping spider’s understanding if it isn’t so much learned as the human’s, must have her world conceptual set built in already pieces together at birth. Perhaps the jumping spider is CONSTRAINED to conceptualize the world not so much as ‘picture objects’ but maybe ‘motion objects’ by something in the wayit is physically composed, such as its genetic composition.

But these physical structures are given as part of the world-state at N, making every action performed by the jumping spider even more determined than those of a human. Whatever creates existence at N, creates what is at each N. What is cannot create itself without having the power to pre-exist itself. Therefore that power must belong to some other creative agent. In this respect, all ACTIONS of both the jumping spider and the human are determined. But it seems that not only the jumping spider’s action, but her UNDERSTANDING’S WORLD CONSTRUCT if it is not learned as the human’s supposedly is, is determined as well.

The building of consciousness in both jumping spiders and humans has been a series of ongoing creations over billions of N. Creation, taken as a successional accumulation is an ongoing thing: we are still in it. Just as the jumping spider is constrained to an UNDERSTANDING of the world in a specific manner that is given her at birth, likely humanity’s understanding reality as physical object is, in a sense, a limitation imposed on its FREEDOM.

Would such a limitation be IMPLIED by the logos? After all, the logos represents the foundation of the understanding. We cannot escape the terms of experience of its four necessary categories. Physical reality is what the understanding MUST perceive in being, time, place and change. But is reality MORE than this? The fact that we cannot CONCEIVE of any other possibility of foundation indicates that our understanding IS limited in its freedom. Determined.

The world appears to consciousness itself as a sort of anomaly. Every physical event: baby robin jumping up to perch tentatively but determinedly on the lip of the nest for the first time; an avalanche carrying away a swath of trees and a few houses down into the valley – is determined. The series of states over successive N that make up each and every existing event comes out of the adamant VOID. But if this is so, how is it possible for conscious beings to control the actions of their own bodies?

Not only that, but in the world of conceived and engineered technology (as opposed to an unengineered technique of, say, a colony of ants burrowing out a home in the core of a dying elm), generally limited to human consciousness. The intended BODiLY action of raising a finger to a light switch and flicking it on, somehow gets extended into the world BEYOND the body and its action. Successive world states now have a circuit closed (not a body part) and a current restricted in a tungsten filament (not bodily) action, to the point where it heats up and begins to emit photons (not body).

This represents to all intents and purposes, a CAUSAL event. Now the cause HAS to still be the cause of EVERY physical event – the agent of TIME and state-change. But every obviously the conscious intent to lift a finger to the light switch and flick it to the ‘on’ position, set up a chain of events that were NOT members of that consciousness’s locale (the body). Thus, since the discovery of tools and how to make and employ them, consciousness has adopted a mistaken but very central theory in humanity’s world view with the resulting rise in civilizations. Therefore, cause and effect, as a fundamental principle of nature. So how DOES this work?

3 Possibilities Of Human Intentionality:

1) Human C CAN directly order state change – not only locally, but in extension.
2) Somehow human C refers an intent to alter the perceived progression to states back to the acting principle of staff change through Q
at N (after the understanding has attained a condition of intentionality via Q over a number of N).
3) That human C believes (falsely) that it can cause events in the world locally or through technology, in extension but in reality,
ALL states AND INTENTIONALITY of the understanding are predetermined by the agent of N(+W).

Number 3 is troublesome because predetermination of action and intentionality would deny freedom of the understanding and therefore no one would be responsible for her thoughts and deeds. All these normally attributed to humans would merely be an extension of the intentionality and creativity of whatever causes time and states of existence. Whatever human misfortune in the world would not be CAUSED by humans, even if it were WILLED by humans.

In fact, unless 1) is true, NO action is indeed CAUSED by humans, the ONLY causative agent in existence being 1). So in effect, 2) is also problematic in that the agent that creates being, the cosmos, everything at N, banishing the void in order to do so, in some wise must be COMPLICIT in every evil act willed upon this planet. Few people, myself included, believe that 3) is true – that every most significant – seeming thought we have is pre-determined. But of course is 3) IS true, then even our tendency to DENY this truth and believe our will and thought is free, would, as well be determined. We would never know, perhaps blissfully so.

Dec 6

But if existence is a series of creations at N as I have been arguing all along, and if N itself IS time and the ONLY time, then N MUST have a period of duration and it must be almost, but not quite, infinitely small. Therefore, higher consciousness must lag far behind real time, which, in fact, would be equal to the number of N accumulated before an act of consciousness – say by making a chess move or deriving a theorem in logic or watching a couple of nesting robins rotate in the duties of nest-sitting and food delivery for their babies.

In the case of higher consciousness, which probably occupies less of one’s daily life than most of us think, there are really TWO times:
a) N, in which ALL states of existence, including ALL states of motion and change. REAL time.
b) CONSCIOUS TIME – the time it takes to be AWARE of self and the world. As figure 2 (Nov 15) shows, the period of t subset 3 is a
period in which awareness as an accumulation of Q at N is in the process of forming, but is not yet what could be
called, ‘awareness.’

Intentionality requires awareness but real time – the time in which action and change in the world (including brain and body states) is being created. There is not yet any truly formed awareness of the world and the self.

Therefore, one’s body and brain are acting – moving- independent of any intentionality of much slower consciousness. Therefore, possibility #3 (Dec 3) is the most likely condition – ie all our actions are underway well before our much slower consciousness catches up to them – but our awareness never takes place in REAL time. Awareness is really contemplation of short-term memory. Therefore intentionality of action occurs AFTER the FACT of action. Therefore all action is PREdetermined.

Dec 8

Bodily action, like all action, is state-change over N. Q occurs with W at N, as a mode of W, but given not AS a state, but as activity THROUGH N. So it is not entirely correct to conclude that a decision to begin a bodily action as determined independently of consciousness BEFORE the state that initiates the action’s beginning. Q is likely inhering in states immediately prior to the action beginning, so that elements of consciousness are likely all that is required for most of our bodily activity.

A full decision requires a greater amount of time because it is CONTEMPLATED. The great majority of our acts are not fully contemplated, but they mostly take place out of a framework of conceptia that form our values and morals. This framework makes up the roadmap of action, although not all values in human consciousness – most in fact for most of humanity – are not thoroughly thought out. So in the sense of intentional but uncontemplated action, the element of determinism is in effect as Q arising from a set of one’s conceptia beforehand but not necessarily in EVERY respect an expression of the intentionality of D.

But Q IS GIVEN along with the world and brain state at N. It is thus determined to be what it is by the agent that creates time and existence. ALL states of the universe in which Q is an inherent activity, are translated by Q and become PART of the activity that is Q – including the activity that enters into formation of the understanding. Consciousness at its contemplative level is affected through a process beginning with the recognition of the logs, which, in itself, is an expression of the INTENTIONALITY behind existence.

So conscious intentionality follows a complex process through the understanding and the information supplied through Q of the local environment by the brain and nervous system OF WHICH IT IS AN INSEPARABLE PART. (All existence is a plenum). Therefore, we can conclude that a kind of GIVEN responsibility is ours, resulting from the freedom of the understanding for our actions.

Dec 9

The activity of Q at N runs counter to what happens at N when all existence EXCEPT Q is frozen. Brain and bodily states are inert patterns of stuff at N. The Q existence of consciousness is a burst of awareness that is extended beyond the logos and into the material state where it is directed. This is as much a creation of existence as is the plenum of physical being that is given at N, but it is not a part of the physical plenum. It is extended beyond the logos to meet the locale of inert matter that forms the brain and nervous system.

Q has not the power or ability within itself to escape its direction to the brain where the translation of the physical into the informational terms of Q is made.
Then there is a small diagram: D is centered on the page with two arrows pointing to columns on the left and the right:
On the left are the words, ‘Action At N’. Below is the word, ‘logos.’ An arrow points down from this word to the phrase: ‘Q Is awakened and logos becomes knowledge.” An arrow points down from these words to: “Extension to experience of stuff: Perceptia.” An arrow points from here to the phrase: “Initial category formation & beginning of understanding.” An arrow points down from here to the phrase: “Event Recognition. (Over an accumulation of N – beginning full consciousness.”

An arrow points right from this last phrase to the words at the bottom of the right hand column: “Memory affected by mood.”
At the top of the right hand column is the title: “Inert At N.” Below this are the words, “Existence as physical stuff.’
An arrow points down from this phrase to the words: “Creation of bodies with increasingly complex nervous systems.”
An arrow points down from this phrase to the words: “Brain = information. Below it the words:” Perceptia, Memory, Mood, (emotion)”
(The last phrase is given at the beginning of this paragraph).

If we contemplate this diagram, some constants become apparent: first because physical existence is created at N, with its discrete period of duration, physical existence remains inert at N. But Q, on the other hand, is a form of action. Q is primary awareness or cognition. As cognition, Q is a form of BECOMING. What Q was at the beginning of N, is pure SUBJECT which, over the period of N, collects an OBJECT. Q is (subject), an AWARENESS OF (action something (object).

This object is something in an embryonic form which over Q actions at an accumulation of N, will be transformed form a perceptium or a fragment of a conceptium into a thing that is of a KIND or ‘category.’ The judgment of an object being a specific KIND of thing in virtue of a category is also an action which begins primitively in an initial Q and builds over an accumulation of Q. The action here is an action because it involves, as well as the action of awareness, the action of PREDICATION, in which the object of Q’s awareness is judged to be a member of a class, K.

Both of these actions involve a CHANGE of or in Q (change being again a logos category). The change n Q is a translation of object. Q represents the ACT of translation – a necessary component of the understanding. So in this diagram we see TWO kinds of action:
*The action of creation of time and existence as a state
*The action of translating objects as performed by Q

Only creation and translation are depicted in this diagram as actions. No other action is present, either in the presentation of or the translation of, existence. It is now apparent that Q has more in common with D than it does with W.

Is Q truly a member or ‘mode’ of W?


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