An Investigation Into Time & Existence 66

Dec 19 (To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past)


1) Existence is not static: It oscillates between void and being over intervals of temporal duration that are more minute than can, in terms of measurement, be conceived.

2) These temporal intervals present physical existence as discrete but inert frozen states that cannot act within or beyond their existence.

3) Consciousness is not physical. It appears scattered in locales in existence, which itself is a plenum, in biological forms on our planet
and perhaps elsewhere. It appears at N in brief bursts of logos recognition and recognition of its historical activity in its biological
locale. It is also an act of intentionality , initially in preservation of its knowledge of itself as a history.

4) Consciousness requires a significant quantity of successive N to develop into even a rudimentary categorical construction of itself and
the environmental perceptia of the body it inhabits. The understanding is learned and dependent on the function of perception –
translating the body as an extension of the plenum of physical being into recognition or knowledge, which is stored as a hierarchical
category structure in the brain. Thus the greater majority of perceptia are not organized by the relatively slow understanding in terms
of this categorical structure, which, in turn, has been learned through other consciousnesses mostly via linguistic transmission.
What consciousness perceives as ‘reality’ is both social and historical in its nature and probably not very representative of the
actual world that appears in states presented at N. Consciousness lives in this historically constructed social world in a continuing act
of revising its narrative through technology.

5) Consciousness depends on its body for perceptia and memory of itself in the world. But it is not known if a reduced form of
consciousness is possible after – or, for that matter, BEFORE it’s inhabiting a physical body.

6) The nature of the agent that causes the oscillation of void- time/existence-void, is not known, but the result of this oscillation as an
apparent systematic non-chaotic development with observed consistencies can provide reasonable evidence for intentionality. Moreover, it
is not likely that existence could perpetuate itself without the absurdity of pre-existence.
Therefore, it can be reasonably concluded that the act of presenting existence comes from an agent acting from OUTSIDE void and existence
and time and that this presentation or creation is ongoing and intentional.

7) The inert nature of physical existence precludes cause and effect, which is state-change as are motion and force. The development of
categorical understanding transforms ‘experience’ into conceptia of expectation. ‘Reality is a LEARNED construct of the understanding.

8) Understanding and category-forming via judgment and memory are shared by consciousness and the body in terms of Q translating the
physical world as represented in the brain. But very little of the brain’s inert state is likely recognized by Q in the short duration
of N. The conceptia constructed by the understanding must have to involve putting perception into categories already in memory, whether
that act is a judgment of truth or not.

Dec 20

1) Existence oscillates in and out of void: N and NN.
2) Existence is represented in temporal states N.
3) C is not itself physical but appears in some stuff briefly at N.
4) C is slower than N(+W) translates physical world from brain, converts perceptia into conceptia and stores categories in brain.
5) C needs body for memory and perceptia but may or may not function without brain.
6) Existence requires a creating agent. An agent appears to be ‘intentional.’
*In 4, 7 and 8, – the social world is ‘reality.’

We live in a social, historical, categorical construct, a world that is increasingly a composition of human technology and increasingly regimented by the organization and transmission electronically of information that shapes collective human understanding and therefore reality. Understanding is limited by learning and physical being that it inhabits including cause and effect is determined by state change. Therefore, individual understanding is a socialized understanding of the individual’s history and recent past, (memory).
But memory is a function of the brain and nervous system. The history of individual ‘self’ must therefore be lost to physical existence at death.
Human consciousness is not really merely ONE consciousness. Every cell in the body has a Q at N. The composite is co-ordinated in,(but not by – D does that), the brain and nervous system. Every cell has a memory, perception and intentionality. Focused consciousness in a human is a co-ordinated community thing. All is determined at N(+W).

Dec 22

1) D creates logos: existence, time, place and change. D—>logos

2) Logos is 4 meta-categories and therefore is KNOWLEDGE.

3) Knowledge of itself gives rise to the INSTANTIATION (object) of itself. Logos —>Being
Time (Which IS W)
4) W is instantiation of logos within the CATEGORICAL TERMS of itself:
BEING (void replaced)
of PLACE (everywhere)

Void——>W at N———–>Void

5) W is in an inert state at N but the ACT of logos knowing itself enters W at N as minute C or Q which endures in parts of place at N: A biological ‘body,’ a living cell. D (an arrow goes down to the word, ‘logos.’
Then an arrow from logos goes to a circle. Inside are four letters. W is at the top, Q at the bottom and N’s on both sides connected by an arrow.

6) The human body is composed of cells, each of which is part of a community of consciousnesses that is structurally organized as a relationship to the brain and nervous system, a configuration of the physical plenum that is TRANSLATED by Q (awareness of logos) into memory, mood and perception.

Logos —>Q Act Of Intentionality ->Memory, Mood & Perceptia
Physical Plenum W (There are N’s at both ends of this phrase)
Act of Intentionality

&) Q OVER SUCCESSIVE N LEARNS to categorize SOME perceptia and is EDUCATED by SOCIAL WORLD – the categorization of physicalia historically by millennia of C development the SOCIAL WORLD is perceived as reality it creates itself .

LOGOS —> Q AT N Historical C –> Learned
Physicalia & Brain Categorical hierarchy (An arrow goes down to the word, ‘social world’ which in turn
At N goes back to ‘historical C’ and down to ‘individual C’).


C (understanding) is not physical. It is not a thing that resides IN a body. It is a TRANSLATION of Q (awareness of logos)) as an act over N in the LOCALE of the brain (in place) of perceptia of W including conceptia of social world.

1) Creation of logos
2) Logos instantiating N(+W)
3) Q at N

Therefore, existence can be interpreted as an act of knowledge instantiating itself as an act of D at N.

Knowledge (logos) is an act of creation PRIOR to its instantiation as W. Therefore, existence is a form of knowledge that is translated from the physical at N by Q. Knowledge is therefore responsible for state-change. C is the ONLY part of existence that KNOWS. Existence begins with the idea of the logos, the only possibilities that define existing consciousness begins with the awareness of the logos and the idea of being. Consciousness at N is an act in a locale of the plenum of physical existence.

The physicality of existence is INERT at N. But consciousness is an ACT Q of recognition within its locale or body. Q is also retentive in its awareness and it stores this retention as a translation or intended CHANGE in its locale to create a new brain or bodily state at its succeeding moment of temporal duration N. In this way, Q can build over succeeding N into understanding. Finally, Q transforms the physical (chemical) state of its body into information of the physical plenum of which the body is a part: perception. The inert chemical configuration of the brain as it is developed in the body, is essentially what Q translates from the physical into non-physical consciousness.

One can interpret all this as an extension of the INACTIVE PHYSICAL mode of existence into the ACTIVE mode of consciousness. Note: IN the realm of existence, only Q can alter a state of its locale (body) at N. Bodily states themselves are inert except for the ACT of Q.

Q is a limited expression of the power of state-change at N.

Since this power of state-change is the power of world creation, power of the agent D of N(+W), it can reasonably be concluded that instances of conscious activity within the inertia of physical existence at N must be local (in place) occurrences of the INTENTIONALITY of D, or perhaps of D itself. Or essentially the idea of the possibility of the IMMANENCE of the creating agent in its creation. This power is in itself, local. But through technology, it is much extended. The social world is gradually converted into a world based on CONSCIOUS cause-and-effect.

Dec 24

The act of consciousness in a living cell or in a brain at N is not a physical act but a transitional one. That is, it is an occurrence that is temporarily equivalent to the act in which a new state of existence emerges from the void, that is a burst of awareness of the categories of the logos that define existence, including the category of PLACE that divides the awareness from the environment or ‘objects’ of the ACT of awareness, thus creating the SELF. In effect, the act of consciousness at N or Q must be IDENTIFICAL to the act that brains a new state of existence out of the void at N while annihilating the previous one.

The implication of this realization is that Q is a tiny instantiation of the intelligence of the agent of time and being. The fact that consciousness cannot evolve from physical matter is underscored by:

1) Matter and consciousness are two KINDS of existence. Matter’s essential property is extension in place – not ‘space,’ as space is
also part of the plenum of matter. The essential property of Q is not extension: it has no qualities of QUANTITY whatsoever. Its
essential property is AWARENESS OF EXISTENCE: THE LOGOS.

2) At N, all matter is presented as a state of being, whereas Q in contrast is an ACT that does not involve change of state but the
happening of AWARENESS. Therefore matter being inert cannot CAUSE anything. It cannot cause consciousness. But consciousness is
caused by itself as an instantiation of knowledge – the LOGOS. Therefore matter being inert, cannot CAUSE anything. It cannot cause
consciousness. But consciousness is caused by itself as an instantiation of knowledge – the LOGOS.

3) Consciousness gives rise to action of its own body by affecting local state change. This concept is supported by the proposition
that consciousness as Q at N, though it only appears in chemical structures developed through successive N, is actually, if it indeed
the SAME act that presents N(+W) inherent throughout the TOTALITY of existence, material or otherwise.

In other words, D is immanent in ALL being and enters the dyad of void/existence. In doing so, it limits itself to physical locale and the logos. The development of biological composites with brains, allows Q to retain memory and build toward understanding with the capability to judge and create categories and conceptual hierarchies. This development limits the Q of N(+W) and logos to differentiated locales in the plenum of existence. But whether there is life or not, the immanence of D as the INTENTIONALITY of N(+W) must saturate ALL of existence.

Dec 25

Us – the jumping spider and I, sat in the weak light of a low-angled sun one afternoon early last spring. We didn’t have much to say. Sunlight sparkled off the mud on the road and I blinked. The jumping spider didn’t blink. She was observing my fingernail, about twice her size, as I waved it in front of her band of eyes. Clearly she was trying to figure out if my fingernail fell into the category of good or maybe something more menacing. She gave a little hitch backward and raised a couple of legs, bending the upper half of her body upwards. She was ready to fight. Stand her ground. To the victor go the yummies.

Chasing food makes intelligent life on planet earth. This, of course, is a typically human observation – the old, ‘man is the measure’ prescription for success. I don’t know that the little jumping spider was thinking. The wise men and woman of lab and field, would, I think, scoff that the little jumping spider hasn’t enough of a brain to categorize from perceptia to thoughts. Movement, (of my shiny fingernail) was either danger or food). That’s it. That’s enough to get by on pragmatically: eat or run.

She didn’t run.

She didn’t eat either.

I got to my feet. Slowly. It was damp. The miseries usually in my back, feet and fingers, had slyly snuck into my knees. The little jumping spider gave another little hitch or two, backward, did that half-body rear again and observed me. Maybe all of me, gigantic though I was, maybe only my face. Despite the wisdom of lab and field, I wondered if the little jumping spider had a few categories other than danger or food . Against the tide of wisdom, I don’t really believe in instinct – only consciousness, even if it is only a handful of N’s and Q’s.

I sat down again. When I was settled, the little jumping spider moved her upper half back down to the level in a series of little jerks, almost too fast for me to follow. Almost like N.

Dec 26

Void is no – thing. It is not. Nothing has no possibility. Matter, on the other hand, is SOME thing. It cannot come into existence without definition. This definition is LOGOS, and as the defined, matter is first known. The only knower of matter before matter becomes, can only be that which KNOWS or defines what is to become. Logos is form- knowledge: that which precedes what it is, the form of into being.


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