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Dec 26 (To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past)

Here is another way of looking at creation at N: Clearly existence cannot cause itself out of void because in the condition of void, existence does not exist. NOTHING exists in void. Not even possibility. If some action brings something into being – that action is not going to exist in the condition of void. Nothing does. The action must have a cause unless it is utterly spontaneous. But spontaneity becomes suspect when it recurs continuously. The actually less problematic conclusion to the question is that time N and existence through the existence of time, is the result of some action directed by some agent.

The action of time and being must be of short duration because time N ceases almost as it appears, it becomes nothing. Void. Yet another time and another existence immediately appears where there was void. Because time N ceases almost as it appears, it becomes nothing. Void. Yet another time and another existence immediately appears where there was void. Because time N is discrete – that is, the ONLY time at N, the state of existence that appears with it must also be discrete and immutable otherwise change would have to happen at a discrete time WITHIN a discrete time and that is not possible

Each immutable state of existence bears a near perfect congruency with the state preceding it. The states are not presented chaotically but are consistent with small differences that to us, appear as motion. This lack of randomicity strongly suggests that time and existence are caused or INTENDED to be ordered. The LOGOS or form of successional existence represents this INTENTIONALITY of the agent D of time and existence N(+W). D intends the form of N(+W) to represent being, time, place and change. This is the design of what we call the universe or cosmos.

Now intentionality is a function of understanding in the judging of concepts and categories and the arrangement of these into a knowledge hierarchy. The logos represents the INTENDED creation of existence. The logos represents the beginning of consciousness WITHIN existence in each Q at N of each cell of living matter. So, in effect, consciousness enters existence through the logos – the creation of a meta-understanding. Since existence at N is inert and cannot create itself, it cannot create consciousness, which is, in some parts of existence. Consciousness must then be a creation of D or a representation of D in matter.

I suggested earlier that the logos gives rise to existence by recognizing itself. But this can’t be the case since the logos is not an act but the FORM of an act. The act is that of D in creating existence in the form of the logos.

Dec 27

This model of existence (the one I’ve been talking to myself about here in this blog) – differs from the current model apparently in vogue among physicists in that, where scientists attempt to shoehorn time into a material event of immense density, resulting in the beginning of our universe in a rapid spatial expansion including time, I recognize the independence of the time and existence from matter, which is not an ESSENTIAL attribute of existence.

Space is matter but time is not. In fact, in our capability of making categories and conceptia, time always WAS but never IS. That is because time is always NOW – the instant when everything is, but time is not the time we think we are thinking about when we think, “this is now.” The ‘now,” we are thinking about has long disappeared into the past. But the memory our Q has translated from the brain included the memory of self and the time of that memory on which our understanding is focusing.
There are five figures labeled N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, under the heading: ‘time.’
In each figure an arrow goes up to the circled words, “Forming concept of ‘now’ in understanding,’ and ending with, ‘Concept Formed.’
In each figure an arrow goes down to the words, ‘Brain State,’ with labels one to five.
In this diagram, Q- rudimentary bursts of consciousness translates the physical environment into embryonic understanding. The brain is part of the physical environment and interacts with the environmental ‘soup,’ it inhabits chemically and electrically in the process of ‘perception.’ Q retains a brief ‘self,’ memory through recognition of the logos at each N. Recognizing the category of being as being a part in place from perceiving what the inert brain state is configured as, in the instant of N – the act of perception and memory of previous perception as stored in the configuration of the brain – is what is essentially the awareness of self.

Along with BEING, Q knows that it is NOW as distinct from what it was then, a recognition of TIME. Q recognizes its transformation of the chemical process that gave rise to the brain’s configuration at N into THOUGHT or knowledge as distinct from PLACE (it is not ‘here,’ but ‘there’). The memory of what Q transformed from physicalia of the brain into knowing, is retained in future brain states through the INTENTIONALITY of the understanding, also expressed through Q at successive N.

So each Q performs at N, three acts:
1) Q recognizes logos while
2) Transforming the brain state into knowledge and
3) Intends the recall of configuration in FUTURE brain states (memory).

Note that all action at N is performed by Q IN EXISTENCE. The actual action of changing world states including brain configuration is performed by D. So therefore, the concept of the awareness of ‘now,’ is formed over the interval N1 to N4 by successive Q.

Note that each concept formed by Q’s transformation of physical brain configuration at N, is retained by the brain as a recognized configuration to be recalled later by the intentionality of the understanding, such recall being once again an act of successive Q to result in future state change to the required inert brain state. So at the time, N5 the understanding composes a concept of the world at N1. Or to put it in shorter terms, the world a person thinks of as, ‘right now,’ (N5) is a concept of the world (‘back then,’ N…

But this picture is further complicated by the fact that Q is also translating brain state of perceptia and calling up memory at N2, N3, N4 and N5 as well and through these memory pieces, forming ongoing conceptia. In short, experience of existence is a structure of conceptia, organized into hierarchies. Thus, in this model, time is not material. It is a moment of the existence of everything brought by D, the causative principle standing beyond void and time/existence, into being. That moment is ALL that time is. Trying to explain it in terms of matter ascribes properties to the densities of matter that are not only convoluted conceptually, (as was the Ptolemaic system), but false and quaintly mystical.

Time is essentially a category – a NECESSARY category of existence which , being actualized, BECOMES, along with being, place and change (out of and into void) – existence. Consciousness in its base form – a burst of action at N in an inert world state is primitive in comparison with developed, contemplative consciousness in humans, but its action is certainly not simple.

It: 1) ‘Reads’ the chemical state of the brain which acts roughly like a radio transmitter, which is given through an electro-chemical
system of neural cells and synapses a chemical/geometric condition inert at N. Q transforms this state into awareness. The state
of the brain at N is part of the entire state of existence which is presented anew at each N. Perception.

2) Accumulates through succession a memory of such perceptia and begins a process of RECALLING by INTENDING brain states to come at
future N to be ‘read,’ at the same time it is translating brain states for current perceptia. The intended future brain states
provide the memory of conceptia learned in the ‘social world.’

3) Judges perceptia – tiny particles of environmental awareness, ‘read’ from the brain into ‘kinds’ of learned categories – OR –
considers conceptia in terms of implication: the complex process of contemplation. In INTENDING recall of earlier brain states or
partial configurations, there is the question of the OBJECT of intention, ie, Q would ALREADY have some prior knowledge of what is
to be remembered, leading me to the tentative conclusion that consciousness is not TOTALLY dependent on the brain for memory.

Dec 29

The plenum of existence reflects the presence of D via Q.

Dec 30

The train of existence begins with a causative agent that presents an existence that appears both random in the behavior of physicalia and non-chaotic in that it appears as a succession of states that resemble previous states in such a way that rational laws of motion and force can be adduced: wheat can be harvested, home fires can be lit, jets can fly like moths and jumping spiders can discern the fluttering difference between a falling leaf and the windmill approach of a deadly robin. The important word here is ‘appearance.’

Appearing is something consciousness and nothing else in existence does. Consciousness turns the mad jumble of perceptia into ‘kinds’ of perceptia – conceptia – which are arrangements of simple categories into hierarchies of categories which provide the narrative of reality. To do this, consciousness transforms the stuff of physical existence: space, fields, forces, motion, atoms and molecules in which the brain has over millions and billions of N has been developed from inert physicalia into knowledge. The brain and nervous system along with its transporting body are ignited in each Q to in subsequent N arrange the conscious cells into patterns of electrical communicative networks that comprise memory, which consciousness will use in the processes of understanding and contemplation.

All existence is either spontaneous (accidental), caused by an agent that is not existence or cause itself. Non-existence is void. Void is ABSOLUTE NO-thing, not even possibility. To exist is to ACT, to overcome void. To act, there must be a MOMENT of action. Accidental existence would have to act in time which does not exist. Neither, in void, does the POSSIBILITY of action (something) of nothing to BE SOME-thing exist. Moreover, time and POSSIBILITY of time would have to recur very rapidly over and over again to create the succession to time and existence that we call the ‘world,’ with its histories of memory and record. It would have to be thus INFINITELY BY ACCIDENT!

I think conclusively not.

Similarly, in order to cause itself, existence would have to exist BEFORE it existed. The only reasonable conclusion is that existence, the act of overcoming no possibility of existence is CAUSED. The impetus to overcome a metacategory of non-possibility could only be DECISIONAL – an expression of intent. Ionality, which is the sign of CONSCIOUSNESS or understanding, the intention to overcome void presents a force that counters non-possibility.

This force is the logos.

The logos, with its four metacategories is the FORM existence must take when it counters void. It is the IDEA the causal agent of existence conceives of to bring it into being, not only logos, what the causal agent (D) INTENDED, but as idea of form, it is knowledge. This is the knowledge that consciousness in existence must recognize in order to become conscious – or – as we say, ‘to be a living organism.’ This recognition in simple single-cell life is obviously not categorical as it can be in human life with its complex brain and nervous system. In an amoeba, the recognition is blurred into the fuzzy awareness of BEING (HERE).

Maybe the amoeba doesn’t even get hungry – it becomes chemically (change in its environmental soup) aware of something nearby and moves to surround it. But it is aware. It makes its own decisions. So does a pike in the weedy shallows or a jumping spider on a leaf. ‘Decisions,’ are INTENTIONAL the expression of consciousness as Q to transform the body’s inert electrochemical state into ‘knowledge’ – an awareness OF (an object). PHYSICAL STATES ARE INEERT AT N AND CANNOT AFFECT C except as information Q translates.

Dec 31

So in all the wrangling back and forth to date, I have to come to the conclusion that definitely time comes in periods of short (N)duration from nothing and disappears into nothing, bringing existence (W) with it. Existence comes in two forms: physicalia and consciousness. Physicalia is a plenum in which the stuff of physical being, including space and particles, are contained in place. Consciousness is an act which occurs in some locales of physicalia at N. Physicalia is presented out of void at N for the short duration of time and because time is indivisible, physicalia is during that period, INERT.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is an ACT (Q), of existential self-recognition first. It is secondly a recognition as an interpretation: awareness. Physicalia, being inert, cannot affect its own state, nor can it affect change in any state that has passed out of existence nor yet come into existence. Consciousness CAN affect future states of the body. Physicalia expressing consciousness as a locale for Q and, in the case of humans, higher understanding or contemplation, has developed historically into the brain and nervous system along with the attendant supporting body.

Determinism is complex. The most rational conclusion this investigation has thus far reached, is that existence is not accidental, nor can it cause itself. There is, therefore, a causative agent (D), that brings time and existence into being through void. This D causes all physical states at N in a succession of rapid creations that overcome void, of states that differ slightly from those previous, thus giving rise to the illusions of force and motion including the qualities of quantum particles. The only other cause of change or successional state change is Q-consciousness in its least form at N. This Q-caused state-change is evidence that Q is representative of elements of D expressed in the act of creating physical states.

Only D and Q are true active agents; only D and Q express intentionality. D is unlimited but Q is limited by its physical locale: the body and its brain genes, glands and organs which provide perceptia, the information Q translates from the body’s sensory presence in the physical environment; memory without which, cumulative Q giving rise to understanding would be possible; and mood expressed as emotion. So it can be seen that Q can motivate the body in state-change. But the body limits the abilities of consciousness in memory, mood and how the physical world is interpreted.

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