An Investigation Into Time & Existence 68

Jan 1 (2016)(To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God) C = Consciousness Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N W = World State, t =- past)

Consciousness is not physical. It has no geometric properties. It is not extended in space, which, in its own turn, is the plenum of physicalia including the lumps and bumps of stuff, all in place – a situation of here, there, everywhere being can be itself. Conscious has no, ‘here.’ Consciousness attends living bodies that, being essentially physical, HAVE extension, have a ‘here.’ That is to say, a living body is a specific point or cluster of points in space where the chemistry of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids and such, goes about the business of keeping itself alive, which is to say, conscious. Each living cell is conscious. A cell has no distinct memory of, say, the Pythagorean theorem or the ELEGY IN A COUNTRY CHURCHYARD.

But it has – some might say, ‘suffers,’ a burst of Q at N – the instant when time and existence are. Q is the elementary knowledge of being – the logos. The logos expresses the intentionality of D which, at the most primitive level of life – the single cell – may simply (which is to say, chemically complex)- be the ‘expression’ of a gene to have a cell make protein. The act will require many N and many Q to complete – we don’t know how long N runs because it is bounded by void in which no time exists. But Q is given to each cell at N as a ‘recognition’ of the logos – the intentionality of D in expressing the world in time, crashing, as it were, through void, the absolute nothing where there is – NOT. Not even the possibility of IS.

At N, this ‘crashing through,’ completes an impossible act: the world is made, an unchanging picture, called ‘being,’ the place where everything is – and then is gone and void returns the condition of supralogic: the impossible. But at each N, the world made is only very slightly different from that of the world before – and change, which is motion, is made. So consciousness at N is elementary. It is an act that recognizes existence and simultaneously recognizes its restriction to a self – a division of this recognition from the world recognized and in the case of a single cell, this world recognized is a very small place, a place of concentrated chemistry, protein-making and protein breaking down.

The human body is a vast community of living cells, living through each its allotted span of N’s. A community is an association of consciousnesses, each of which volunteers a loss of freedom in order to promote chemically, a specific duty in the maintenance of the community as a whole (and incidentally of itself), much like a colony of bees or a national state of the proletariat as envisaged by Marx. it is important to keep in mind that Q ‘recognizes’ the logos. It is becoming more apparent that Q is a ‘particle’ (not physical), of the intentionality of the causative agent, D, that created the logos and its subsequent instantiation, existence. Hence Q RECALLS the logos on entering existence: a sort of emanation.

Bodies of jumping spiders and humans are cell communities, each cell with its own Q at N. Jumping spiders and humans are ‘lit up,’ you might say, like Christmas trees or a white way of bar, casino and strip-joint signs, by a pretty vast invasion of Q at N. Each Q represents its attendant physical environment as a self-implanting memory as a translation of itself into its physical body. So what, given this diversity, constitutes the consciousness of the whole jumping spider or human?

Jan 2

Clearly most of consciousness remains at a primitive level of cellular activity in states at N. Contemplative consciousness is probably so specialized that it comprises a relatively small portion of the Q activity in the brain at N, considering each individual cell in the body is presented as an inert state, hosting Q. Still it is a far cry from the activity of Q in a cell to that required in the memory areas of the brain to support category-building and the contemplative judging of concepts performed by the understanding. Q given at N must also be present separately as an activity of translation of the whole or at least parts of the brain’s electrochemical configuration from the physical state into awareness (conceptualized memory).

The memory configurations are specialized in support of Q’s building understanding. THIS Q is not that given to individual cells, which entertain each their own logos recognition and intentionality. The Q that builds in states over N must summarize a transformation of ALL the circuitry of the neurons in the brain at once, as they are configured in an inert overall pattern. The Q that does this IS DISTINCT FROM but aware of, all Q given in each cell of the body. This Q bears its own awareness of the logos and is that which distinctly builds categorical hierarchies and conceptual understanding, which goes in historical dialogue to create the consensual reality, the ‘social world.’

All existence is created at D, the causative agent, but Q influences this process of state-creation to over N activate state change of its own body. From this, it can reasonably be concluded that CONSCIOUSNESS MUST SHARE WITH OR RECEIVE THE ATTRIBUTE OF INTENTIONALITY OF D.
That is to say (again) that Q, the underlying existence of the activity of logos recognition
and memory translation (from the physical), is a discrete instantiation or emanation of the
causative principle, D
Q that translates the physicalia of the brain eg SEPARATE FROM (in locale) individual Q
in cells.
If this is so, D in individuation resides in existence as UNITS of intentionality and logos
recognition or RECOVERY of D’s intentionality.

Curiosity is an expression of intentionality. Matter is never intentional – only D and consciousness are intentional. Thus, elements of intentionality enter the physicalia of existence as Q. Q at N is a burst of pure intentionality that recovers the original source D of the intentionality of existence. It does this by recognizing the logos and then recognizes a SELF as isolate through that very act of recognizing its environment (the configuration of the brain in humans, a physical state that Q transforms into information which jumbled at first eventually is categorized over successive N into conceptia which is the basis of experience and empirical knowledge.

All empirical knowledge begins as a priori judgment and therefore can be either true or false.

The entire body enters into the presentation of the part of the inert world state which forms its locale. Each cell begins its state and ends it with a burst of Q intentionality. The brain structures a large part of the information of all the cellular and intercellular configuration of the body’s chemical and electrical configuration in its own circuitry – a system of state – succession over N. The environment Q recognizes in its differentiation according to the logos metacategory or PLACE is in effect, the state of the brain and nervous system in relation to the local physicalia of which it is a part.

When W is presented at N(+W), it is created all of a piece (suggesting that W may not be infinite), a plenum in which place relates locales to each other as bits of the whole. Q normally attends a relative few, given the vastness of the cosmos, of these locales – as far as we so far have observed, limited to our little planet. But we are no way certain of this. In other words, for now we have to leave open the question of GIVEN intentionality as perhaps Q or perhaps some form stronger and more encompassing, attending other locales of physicality or even being free of the act of transmuting physicalia into perceptia – ie, engaging in conceptia formation without a brain and body to store memory in aid of understanding.

It is, in this regard, to be noted that it is Q as an act of intentionality – the attribute of the causative agent D – that CALLS UP MEMORY AS AN ELECTROCHEMICAL BRAIN-STATE AT N. q MUST BE INTELLIGENT ON THE SPECIFIC MEMORY IT WISHES TO APPEAR AS A BRAIN CONFIGURATION AT FUTURE N. Therefore, Q must have a PRIMARY VESTIGIAL MEMORY OF A MEMORY IT INTENDS TO RECALL. It is conceivable this intentionality might occur as a Q action, NOT ATTENDING A BRAIN-STATE AT N BUT WHOLLY INDEPENDENT OF PHYSICALIA.

Jan 3

Intentionality is action. D causes existence and allows it to lapse into VOID. Consciousness must apparently be instances of D within time, that is, an action at N and limited by N and a locale in the plenum of existence in which it can be supported by a specific construct of matter: a biological body. Consciousness acts to influence states of world existence at N in respect to its own biological form but within the hierarchy of biological complexity as developed in presentations of existence over a sucession of untold billions of N, some categories of bodies, most dramatically the human, have successfully learned toolmaking, and can now influence the presentation of material existence in their collectively expanded locale far beyond the immediate environment of the body attended by consciousness – apparent action at a distance, as in the cases of transportation, communication and the mass murder of other consciousness – attended bodies.

But the action of state-change, even though it is influenced by consciousness, can only be caused by D. Bodies are matter and the existence of matter is caused by D as a presentation of inert states in the brief period of time N – also caused or crated by the intentional agent D (see earlier arguments throughout this interrogative concerning the necessity of an in tensional cause of existence as opposed to accidental) – There is no reason to expect that this world constantly being created as inert states over temporal periods is intended to be eternal. Understanding in humans is confidently given to many suppositions, one of them being the necessity of ongoing creation (eternity).

Although consciousness is an instantiation of the intentionality of D in existence as a recognition at N of the logos, consciousness fails to understand that as it is brief instantiation of D in matter or stuff, that it is LIMITED in its understanding by the stuff it attends, but not DETERMINED by Q. As instantiation of D, it is free intentionality, but limited by time and by change in the body’s chemical configuration given as an inert state at N by D – not by any action of chemical properties. Matter does not act, it does not affect matter that no longer exist nor yet exist. The only cause of existence in each of its inert states is D. Motion and force are the result of changes in states of existence.

Therefore the ultimate configuration of the electrochemical properties of the brain is CAUSED by D alone, although D appears to act in compliance with the localized instantiation of ITSELF in physicalia – consciousness. There is no apparent reason to expect this compliance is NECESSARY. Necessity and contingency, are conditions that pertain to existence and existence is an effect of the ONLY causal principle: D. The planet earth is no garden of Eden or at least it is no Eden after D let the snake in.

Jan 5

Reality is a social/historical complex of structured conceptia: categories and motion theories arranged in clusters of hierarchies, some theological, some scientific, most of them social/traditional based primarily on linguistic/geographical cultures that are currently breaking down and being re-formed mostly by electronic communication technology established n a global basis. Whatever is engineered in the social world or ‘reality,’ it exists on an educational order – mostly local in the form of parents, peers and institutions, but that could be changing. However, the construction of the social world is driven, reality,’ – and that certainly includes what we conceive to be PHYSICAL reality – by the individual understanding and conceptia.

The body is part of the plenum of existence, which may or may not be infinite. Consciousness is presented in the body as an ‘ignition’ of the logos and then of the self, which includes the transformation of physicalia as represented in the body into a self that is aware of an environment composed of perceptia. This environment does not become a world of physical objects until the understanding learns the process of:
a) Forming categories and arranging these into a formal structure of conceptia and
b) Referring these conceptia back to the body in the intentionality of creating neural circuitry whose configuration at N represents memory – which can consistently be re-transformed into knowledge as required by the understanding.

Only consciousness is active WITHIN existence at N. Physicalia is INERT as explained in earlier sections of this interrogation. The point of this notation is that empirical knowledge is knowledge of conceptia, not of any attributes of physicalia that may exist independently of our IDEAS of them. It has been noted earlier that predictability based o an hypothesis or hypotheses or suppositions is closely linked to the INTENTIONALITY of consciousness. Only consciousness can influence in local states at future N, all states actually being CAUSED by D. This INTENTIONALITY might actually influence future outcomes in terms of theoretical expectations firmly based in collective BELIEF in what the world is, how it originates, what it is composed of and what causative forces and motions are at play in it.

In particular, what CONSISTENCIES appear to govern these conditions. In other words, as we investigate reality, reality may be turning into what we EXPECT it to be because in the end, reality is nothing more than a highly intricately interwoven system of conceptia: the ‘social world.’

Jan 7

The community of cells stop metabolizing for lack of nutrition: some vital process has ceased or gone fatally awry. One by one cells begin to lose integrity, to dissolve into elemental chemistry. The community has ceased to communicate and one-by-one cells render up their consciousness given as Q at each N, until Q no longer visits the members. The Q that visits the brain at N has stopped. For a little while, some organs struggle on but bit by bit, the desperation is lost to silence. Consciousness in its minute and various quickening burst comes no more. The community is dead.

What then?

A locale of the plenum of physical existence becomes what it truly is: inert matter, the subject of change in the pattern of all physicalia at N. It becomes the chemistry of spreading out, reduction to molecular and braking down into particles of different complexities – and then re-combining AGAIN in the drift of elsewhere at N. Physicalia is physicalia; it is given a restlessness at N by the cause of the moment of time and the change in existence at each moment of time. We cannot conceive of the first moment of time and call it, ‘eternity,’ which is to say we don’t know.

Or we fantasize a beginning of dense stuff hurling itself outward at no time and at no place and call it the beginning because we mistake time and place to be attributes of stuff. But they are not attributes of stuff. They are CONDITIONS for the existence of stuff. They represent the LOGOS, the intentionality of the cause and ONLY cause of everything that is. Everything that is, is so in only a flash of an instant that is time.

So stuff is only stuff. It is given as existence by the cause which (who) intends being to be. It is inert at time (N) and itself can cause or evolve into nothing. But what of consciousness, the quickening principle we call life? Consciousness too is given at N. But not as inert matter. Consciousness, unlike stuff, is an ACTION that comes with N as does physical existence, but unlike stuff, at N consciousness in its elementary form, enters stuff that has been built or ‘grown’ over N to receive it – as Q it occupies the community of cells severally and as a concerted whole in the configuration of the brain.

When the community dies, it is no longer being visited by Q. The understanding of a living self must be sustained by the community of cells, the body – specifically the brain. The understanding is built by Q over time into contemplative consciousness. It influences state- change and the activity of the body. It is the yearning in the body – be that of a single cell or a cat – to BE. If, that is, as Tillich points out, one can sustain the courage to be under the attendant adversity of being.

When the community of cells, dies, its chemistry dissipates. But consciousness is not a composite. Consciousness is a unity of acton that, as we humans see, it is given as INTENTIONALITY into the stuff. We are all expressions of the intentionality of the CAUSE of being in virtue of the yearning of consciousness in stuff to MAINTAIN being. Consciousness is representative of the cause. But in order to be conscious, it must be free to judge and build conceptia.

If consciousness is an expression of the CAUSE – of D’s intentionality, then it originates out of there and through the logos INTO time. Therefore, consciousness bears an attribute of D and IS NOT DESTROYED BY CHANGE IN PHSYSICAL EXISTENCE because D is BEYOND time and existence as we understand it. But if the community of cells which sustains through memory the understanding, what happens to that understanding at death?

Of all the living beings inhabiting this planet mankind is the only species capable both neuro-physiologically as well as contemplatively with an understanding that can make true ethical decisions – that is, those decisions that are arrived at out of considered reasons. The reasons may be incomplete or downright bad. The conclusion may not follow, but the resultant decision is nonetheless contemplated as opposed to, say, the puppy’s which is id-driven, even though he may know that the chewed slipper isn’t going to make someone in the house very happy.


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