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(To understand this blog you’ll want to begin at the beginning: HOME – Post 1, June 14, 2015). (glossary: N = Now, D = Demiourgos (God), C = Consciousness, Q = Incipient consciousness occurring at N,W = World State, t =- past)

Mar 13

Being can be divided into two basic characteristics: act and extension.  Stuff is extended, which is to say it is a plenum that fills place like soup fills a bowl. At time, the instant N when time happens, (and that is when and only when, there is existence), stuff sits in the bowl of place where it has been put by the cause D of existence.  It doesn’t move until time is over and existence – both soup and bowl, are gone.

Act in respect to being, can be divided into two kinds: the act of D that makes being at N and the multitude of acts that happen within being at N.  These acts are not acts of stuff because stuff in time fills place which D has made like a bowl to hold stuff, which remains exactly motionless in the form of place and in the forms of which the elasticity of the soup or stuff has been in, for the duration of time.

Bodies like chickadees, morning glories, ants, galaxies, moonlit tropical beaches, fire hydrants and human type people, are just some of the many, many forms the soup of stuff takes for the brief time it exists.  But the many, many, acts that happen within existence and which also last only for the brief time N that existence endures, don’t have any form and they are not connected to each other like the forms of the plenum of stuff are.

Nothing in stuff can change at N because in order to change to happen, the thing that changes has to be in one state or condition at the beginning of its change and a different state or condition at any one of a series of points of time to complete the change, each one of these points of time is a different time from the time N the change began.

But since N is the briefest duration that can compose time, the points along the continuum of change would be impossible because N is indivisible. Therefore, all states given by cause D at N are inert.  Nothing in stuff can change at N.

But act is change and act, like stuff, only happens at N.

Therefore, act is not stuff.

Therefore, consciousness, which is an act, is not stuff.

Some physicists believe that consciousness is stuff.  But if they think it over a little harder, they will see that is not the case.  Consciousness cannot be shoehorned into the unified field theory or any other sweaty set of equations that link the perceived behavior of forms of stuff.

Theories are perceptions and perceptions are the result of conscious interpretations of the state of the brain.  These interpretations are act: acts of consciousness on stuff.  The act Q of consciousness at N does not, cannot change what it acts upon, the state at N of the brain, because this state is given by an act coming from outside of existence: the creational act by D of causing existence.

Nothing else causes existence.

Therefore nothing in existence causes existence.

Therefore Q cannot cause change in the state of the brain at N, but it does nevertheless act to translate this state of stuff – neuron and synapse (or mid-synapse) into selected information which the understanding interprets.

To be suggestive of the kinds of things that stuff of existence is composed of, that is the brain plus the immediate environment of stuff that the brain is a part of.  The understanding’s judgments about the may be right or wrong, true or false about the scramble of information that is represented by the brain’s state, as to what the information says about it.

The understanding is given as free to be right or wrong.  This happens over many, many, times of Q interpreting the kind of information the brain represents.  Many creations of time and existence; many creations of a place to hold existence and many, many, creations of time and existence in which the soup of stuff in the bowl of place is re-sorted by D according to the way D wants it to be – the intentionality of D.

Of course, many, many acts of consciousness upon any stuff with the right chemical makeup to receive it: simple acts in one-cell critters, complex acts of several Q in complex, neural structures like theoretical physicists and their nemeses, the annoying philosophers.

Mar 14

There is no telling in physical terms exactly what consciousness is.  It can be seen however, that, though it exists, it is not extended as physical stuff is, and conscious is an act at N while physicalia must be inert at N.  so clearly, consciousness is not the same kind of thing that physical stuff is.

I have argued that the cause of existence must be intentional, rather than mechanical because creating existence and time must result in an expulsion of void, where even the possibility of existence would be a condition that is inconceivable.  Existence, in a mechanical sense would have to pre-exist itself which in a condition of void would be not only logically incomprehensible, but technically impossible.

It then remains that existence, in order to create existence would have to have its origin in a condition beyond or outside both void and existence.  To put it another way, have the attribute of a condition that is an axis representing possibility and impossibility.  It would have to possess some impelling force that was causative, but somehow also be the effect of another cause beyond it.

The argument tends to fall towards an infinite regress.  In such an explanation, we are talking in terms of physical properties such as gravity or energies as attributes of physical forms that supposedly (once again), pre-exist themselves in order to cause physical forms – and not only physical forms, but the time and place in which they may occur.

This is inconceivable.

March 15

Space is measurable.  It is a quantity.  Place is not measurable because it is a condition in which existence can be possible.  Time is also not measurable because it doesn’t exist as a quantity but is instead a condition of existence.  Theories that purport to measure time actually measure motion in the medium of space, which, of course, will always be relative to the point of measurement.

In the measurement of motion, what is erroneously thought to be measurement of time is actually the measurement of other bodies in motion as observed from points relative to other bodies.  The measuring bodies are devices such as types of clocks that depend on relative motions or distances between points of constructed observation such as the number of points covered over specified distances comparable to similar points and distance of a similar device.

‘Velocity’ is taken to mean the number of points covered over distances in one device compared to similar points in another device.  One device used to observe the velocity of points covered in another device or devices is taken as a standard.  But any standard is ultimately arbitrary.  There is no quantity of time to be measured because measurement is a conscious act requiring the happening of many points or moments in which consciousness exists and then does not.

There is no device that registers through the void that exists between states in which existence is and the conditions when it is not.  We call the existence that is no longer, ‘time,’ that is past, but that is erroneous because some existence may have happened but it is not now – at N, the moment in which existence is.  It is not.

What is, is everywhere. Place is the condition of the ‘where’ of being.  At the moment of time N, every place is. There is no future existence because only that which is, exists, and it only exists now.  There is no universe evolving where there is no time for it to take to evolve.  The universe is now, at the instant N of time.  Then it is not.

(Argument follows against self-causing universe):

Whatever can come out of ‘not,’ can not cause itself because there is no thing in ‘not’ to be and therefore be a cause.  Whatever becomes is must be caused by something to which ‘not’ does not apply.  ‘Is’ does not apply unless there is not limit to it and time is frozen.

That is to say there is not time past and no future.  Time is an illusion – but even delusion would be impossible because it requires the motion of mental activity.  Where there is no time, there is no motion, which requires time to get from point to point.

The cause of time and existence must first remove the natural condition of ‘not.’ In order to do this, it must be an interminate condition.  Void must not apply to it.  Therefore, it must be an existent from which existence is made, caused, fashioned, created.

Mar 16

(A brief summary of what has gone on this last little while)

That the world is an interval of being we call, ‘time, stuck into a natural condition of absolute nothing – VOID – is the only reasonable conclusion to come to, regarding existence.  That such states must be inert, follows from the consideration that any changes in existence results in a new state of existence and requires time.  Times therefore, in brief bursts of nearly infinitely small duration in which existence is presented as a discrete and inert state.

These states succeed each other in such a way that the tiny states differ so as to appear to consciousness as ‘natural,’ motion and force which are improperly attributed to physical stuff or matter itself.  But since the state of existence is brought out of void and is annihilated after its brief duration.  No inert changes within this interval.

The separation of states from each other means that no existing states can cause another.  Future states do not exist.  They are anticipated.  A physical or material state can therefore not bring itself into existence.  Therefore, some agent standing outside void and existence, must have the power to interrupt void and introduce time of being.

This power must be intentional, not mechanical, as discussed earlier.  Mechanical existence  would have to pre-exist itself in order to be cause of itself, resulting in infinite regress.  The alternate proposition that time and existence are caused by an agent standing beyond void, time and existence simply makes more sense than any other theory of the origin and maintenance of being.

That this agency must be intentional, is evidence not only by the consistencies apparent in the regularities in the states as a succession, but in the successive behavior of the succeeding states that result in what are perceived as consistencies in nature as opposed to the chaos of utterly random presentation.

Macbeth was wrong: life is not “a tale told by an idiot.”  The idiots are us.  Time and existence is the ongoing series of acts of creation by an intentional agent acting beyond and yet within existence and void.  The actions within existence are conscious. Because consciousness acts, yet is within each state of inert matter, the living body, it shares an attribute of the cause of time and existence with that agent that inert matter does not ie that attribute of act.

Therefore, it must be concluded that consciousness itself must be directly of the nature of the cause of existence, rather than the inert but temporary consistent nature of physical states themselves, through consciousness is given into inert physical structures.

But consciousness is given in differing loci of place in which the matter of existential states are animated by the concept (or instinct) of self (the ontic self), ie possessing neuro-electric/chemical compositions and the intentionality (also an attribute shared with cause but not inert matter), of the self. This differentiation of the self in place is expressed in both individual will to judge perceptia and conceptia and to act.

(Principle of causal will) – Since consciousness and will are of the cause, then despite the individual freedom of contemplation or will, the unity of causal intentionality alone results in the creation of each state.





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