Tune: We 3 Kings of Orient Are
V1)We three cats would traverse afar
Perhaps attempt to dri-ive the car
We know where the keys are
We could blame the dog, sure
But right now we’ll stay where we are
CHORUS: Beeee-cause – No alarms needed
When cats are here
Cats are in the bedroom, dear
Waking you, shaking you,
Meowing and making you
Get up and feed them at FIVE!
V2 Born a cat, a cat I’ve stayed
Forgiving them for having me spayed
Purring and caring
Mice I am sharing
In food and in love am I paid
V3 When you’re a cat
You’re a cat all the way
Especially true
On Christmas day
What cats are up to
You will not wish to
Know – Tura La, tura lay

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