7 THINGS A PERFECT CLOSET COULD DO. Does yours just stand there holding stuff?

My new book answers the question: “What if your closet kept track of the stains, tears and problems with all your outfits and whisked them away when you took them off, returning them washed, ironed, pressed, refurbished and generally tended to, grouping them with accessories as well as pantihose (if you wear it) and the latest in shoes, ready whenever you are? Shows upon request a tiny hologram of how you look in whatever outfit.” Sounds great, eh?
Moreover, the closet takes whatever needs recycling, doesn’t fit right or a color that does nothing for you – and revamps to something flattering. This closet is constantly working for you. Also it is mobile & portable, can be shrunk down for travelling and is able to intelligently discuss your wardrobe and what you might be needing.
Tommy Peters, in my new book, has just such a closet at a crisis time in her life when she has to look her very best. But she hates it! Find out why and what a runner has to do when her closet is bent on restyling her along with what it decides is her new ‘look.’
WHEN THE CLOSET TALKED is 427 pages of surprise and affectionate adventure in a fancy box-filled penthouse in mid-town Manhattan. This work still available for publication.

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