Who ISN’T Social Networking? I’m making a list

Undereducated suburban boomers who believe he minute anyone goes online their birth certificates are swiped, their homes become illegally mortgaged and they become homeless and helpless. They won’t let their kids use it either. (not that they pay any attention).
The poor who can’t afford computers or who used to have one but couldn’t afford the repairs and have to use the que at the library and have too many other things to check in the hour they’re allotted, country-lovers living where they can’t get a signal, people too busy liaising with someone else’s spouse to do it vicariously online,
Luddities like my husband who trade off and have ME put their stuff on line (not this – this is mine).
Religious as a rule, both small eccentric circles like true Mormon 5th wives, members of millenium cults. This is odd as you’d think they’d wanna spread the word, though there are more than enough infesting it now, I have had to defriend several).
People with looming deadlines using it to procrastinate which includes all writers who are on the computer anyway they reassure themselves, so why not. Facebook alone could’ve been invented simply to keep would-be authors from writing and thus glutting the dwindling market for readers.
We can only hope that long distance drivers of semis on the freeway are not on it during working hours, experience to the contrary, nor the guys on the recycliing truck, though from what they DON’T take, their minds are certainly elsewhere. So far my mailperson does not appear to be on it from her brisk walk and the way she soaks her feet in a hot basin at night, her fingers bleeding from the daily paper cuts, nor is the neighbourlady who gets up at 4AM for her job at the bakery and the clerk who has to be at the pool for the 5AM swimmers…
Retired academics are not on it due to having had quite enough of that sort of thing during their faltering careers besides spending most of their spare time trying to remove the knives from their backs,
Now I am off to research all the Facebook counterparts where you could spend time instead.

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