Withdrawal From Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter & Others (How To Handle It)

First, hold up your hand like a pledge of allegiance and say that where you are, right here, right now, is the place in the REAL world where you should be, it is the best place on earth, the grass is NOT greener elsewhere, but what is majorly happening is happening here, now, with you.
Then prove it. As I am doing. Turn off the computer. Open Your Shades. Leave your house. Sit on your stoop. Plant something, even a windowbox. Offer to help someone else plant something. Talk to the mail carrier. Listen to the birds. Plan a potluck. Organize a block party. Greet your neighbours. Explain what you’re doing. Ask a question. (The above all borrowed from the anonymous: How To Build Community, which is what you’re trying to establish now or re-establish).
There’s more on list list like Use your library, Look Up When You’re Walking, Share Wht You Have, Fix It Even if You Didn’t Break It, Pick Up Litter, Read Stories Aloud, Help Carry Something Heavy, Start A Tradition, Share Your Skills, Sing Together, Seek to Understand, Learn From New & Uncomfortable Angles. Know that no one is silent though many are not heard. Seek To Change This.
Transition back into the mundane world you used to live in before you lived in your head on a social networking site like facebook or twitter, may feel empty at first. Big sense of loss, anxiety, even fear. But if you keep on, life will intrigue you.
All your sense will come back – taste (not that hastily swallowed take-out at the keyboard), touch (grass, wood, cloth, anything other than plastic), sound (yes, even traffic noise is welcome, birds, barking, calling by voice not cell, stuff that could’ve gone on a thousand years ago), smell: flowers, trees, yes, all allergens but real & there’s stuff for them, these days, sight: no screens in sight. All the things Louis Armstrong, who was strong on neighbourhoods said that he saw, new babies who were born since you went into networking hibernation, Hawiaan shirt on the guy next door, polish on his car, pedicure on the retiree with the cat – YOUR real stuff, not some on-line fake.
What we’ve got right here where we’ve got it is the most important thing we can concentrate on. These are the things of your life. And it was just this consciousness, this understanding that motivated all the greats of the world, the classics, the writers and philosophers, being where we should be, need to be, must be, in order to know we have lived at all.
Gradually, the life will come back into your numb body and the gears of living will begin to turn again for you. Be strong. Resist. Write me for encouragement.
It will be okay.

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